March 25, 2012


So, as far as i understand, i can keep up a resolution for upto three days max. I just couldn't write up the daily nonsense owing to my laziness.

Much has been happening, relationship issue, and I did and Now I am trying to ignore and forget whatever has been happening.

Just feeling hurt and alone. Confused. 

Love is really a beautiful thing, gives a special meaning to Life, But not the whole meaning. 
When it comes to life, There are many others reasons to breathe and smile, And Love just doesn't becomes everything.

I may be seeing something very small and worthless, but I want to settle with something that i have been fighting for years. Freedom. One thing that has been elusive for me, An Independence-day born.

But the present seem more lost. 
I have been losing touch with friends, family, etc. in the context of being in a relationship which needs some solid time and space. 
But now, as it has been suspended (the suitable word i would use as of now), I feel void.
It seems like, I entered into the gates of a city, a stranger empty place. 
Alone and empty.
Snapped from the illusion of having 430 friends or a big family.

It is just me and me.

Moreover, This age of mine is not the best time to lose a relationship, Cos' anytime i would be tied an irreversible knot, and it is totally insensible if it is a stranger in the scene.
But then, As far as i am concerned, That one particular issue would have to stay "ELUSIVE" as much and as long as my independence.

Life is very short (And all the same i don't intend for it to be long). And I want to Feel and Live for sometime. 
No dependencies or intrusions.

No Wonder. No Problem.

Being Me and Me, all over.

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