May 25, 2013


Warning: This is not an enlightening post on Fixing or an article about How Money roll in IPL or any social message.
Just a writing/thoughts from a Hardcore fan of Cricket, a Bigtime supporter of a Indian Cricket team, and a Verithanama (hardcore bigtime raging fanaticism, you could get what it means) Fan/Supporter of the IPL team Chennai Super Kings (CSK). Can't help supporting the team from your hometown, Natural I say.

If you gonna think that, after all the media rage on IPL fixing scandal and the news (truth and fake ones) of CSK's name in "IPL fixing scandal with "BETTING" accusations flowing across, I would stop watching my team's matches or change my FB cover picture or put some sad status posts on CSK, Well Not Happening.

My FB cover pic, since day 1 of IPL-6 

You just can't throw accusations simply, even voice out ideas as such, on players like Dhoni, Hussey, Raina, Dravid, Sachin, etc. on fixing. The team boards/management maybe, and the unethical opportunistic players, but certainly not the ones who have proved themselves on the game and who have the name and fame. Utter Dumbness I say.

And yes, till date the complaint is betting, which, i suppose, is different from "Fixing". And Betting, Everyone does, even i did few times on CSK with chocolates (Temptations and Dairy milks :-O) Not a Crime I say.

If you still have this thought of CSK fixing the whole IPL, by passing on the money to some bookies, whom I presume not to be Sorcerers that they could make players overstep or slip them to mis-field or direct the ball zig-zag and hit the stumps, the money and the purpose got to transcend to the management and the owners and players, you should start blaming your own team for getting money to lose. But frankly speaking, it is not this one team that's rich enough and nobody wants to lose. Don't go around blaming other teams. Sounds Pathetic I say.

All the same, IPL is pure entertainment, and yes, it is all money and fun.
Being a Dhoni-hater-so-CSK-hater or Chennai-has-hot-weather-so-don't-like-Chennai-so-CSK-hater, getting mental peace by picking on CSK with false rumours just shows you to be having weaker passion for the game.

I support CSK, till the end of IPL. But still, the hope of Sachin scoring a century, the awesomeness on seeing Sachin and Ponting having a partnership, the Honour to watch Dravid lead, the sheer pleasure of watching Gilly bowl and take a wicket, etc are few moments which you could proudly talk about for years later being a Cricket fan.

Forgetting the Dubious Precarious scenarios , ignoring the Extra talks of extra innings, the hyper commentary, funny it's-the-end-of-the-world expressions of the team owners, the Ads and the promotions, the cheer-leaders, the actors and the celebrity icons, the jhumping jhumpang jhumpaks, And beyond the regionalistic support, We all know IPL is worth the time, energy and support, the Joy kind of love for the Game.

Conclusion: I Believe in my Team.
And Come on, It doesn't even make much difference to my support even if they play well or not and win or lose, These dumb small time silly issues will never create a ripple in the calm waters.

Time for countdown for the Finals.

CSK-ian Forever.
Bleed Yellow.

Chennai Super Kings-ku Periya Whistle Podu.