September 30, 2013


So Yeah, Let me start with the usual excuse.

It has been a really very long time since I penned down something, for which I could not come up with a valid reason or justification, other than

"Did not have the right mind".

I know it sounds lame, But yes, Quite true. I have not been in my right mind ("My Right Mind" = My usual genuinely super-cool crazy mind) for quite sometime.

Before I start randomly scribbling about Life and stuff as usual, I gotta say this, Saw a really Beautiful Movie today (21/09/2013), Lunch Box. Beautiful and Light. Similar to one of those times when you go to a Park and sit for a while and watch different kinds of people, Listen to music, read a book and feel good when you return back.
Irony. We work for so many high level complex things and care so much about those things that come with limited validity, Get locked up in the Basement of Monotony of the so-called safe Life which we complain about every now and then, That we ultimately get buried down there and never be able to Live up in the Home.

Big Deal. Who Cares.

Who really cares, What Life really means and Living actually is, and the VALUE of Breathing, Seeing, Feeling, Smiling, Sharing, Hugging, Laughing, and yes all those meaningless unreal abstract concepts. 

Except for some Old-fashioned Romantic Hopeless Hearts.

The cycle of Life, especially in the Conservative places of the World, has been stereo-typed to an extent that it has become like the Daily routine. "Get up, Brush, Drink Coffee, Shower, Breakfast, Off to school or work, come back, Dinner, Sleep and again the next day and Again and So on". Similarly, "Be Born, Grow, School, Grow, Serious Schooling, Teen, High School, Late Teens, College, Pass Out, Get Job, Get married, Have kids, Get Older, Get retired, and the Get your Kids onto the same Cycle ride".

Funny. We own an Expensive Car, travel around the World in first class flights and go on cruises, And all along, we have been riding a Cycle that we didn't even buy. Or for that matter, Doesn't even exist.

Guess I am more of a Hippie type. Oh Yeah, "Into the Wild" happens to be the Most favorite movie of mine.

So when my pre-conceptions about Life was Riding a Horse, A Cycle ride could never be an alternative means, be it practical or safe.

Anyways, I don't wanna go further on this. For one, Nobody's ever gonna buy the words of a free-spirited/non-conformist-self oriented-living in some other world most of the times; Secondly, I have Lost my Horse which actually turned out to be a Phoenix, and I am being gifted a Bi-Cycle which has Rocket Launcher facility with which I could go anywhere (The Marketing people keep talking to me about it all the time, cos' I have been selected in the Lucky Draw and qualified for the Bumper Prize, It seems. Ohh, Forgot to add, Can Collect the Prize with Spouse only). 

If anybody out there find my Lost Horse Grazing in your backyard, Kindly bring him back Home. A White Horse with a Horn on the Forehead. Oh, It can fly at times.

June 5, 2013


Life has a way of teaching us Gratitude, and imparting us with the nature of acknowledging Love.

I realized the same just few days back, and still learning and practising the above art. The art of appreciating and being Thankful about the Good People and Good things that have been gifted to one's own Life.

When She was there, I suppose that I took everything for granted.
Almost Everything.
The morning sounds of Divine Music, the non stop ringing of my name through the house till the task is done, the heavenly tea, the unbeaten taste of her sambhar, her echoing laughs that light up the place, the unshaken faith in God, the Stronger belief on us. . . And yes, the plain truth that she was there, no matter what or when or how or all those questions. Thinking back, I never did give much thought on any of those.

Well, It has been almost an year since the loss.

How am I taking it? No idea. Sometimes, the shut down phase. Other times, Rework and Repair.

I'm ofcourse a changed person, mentally as well as emotionally. And I don't regret it. Change is like the Ocean currents of Life, We get caught in it and our ride takes a course accordingly.

I have taken to few things which sometime back I would have never imagined myself to do so.

This Coffee addiction for instance.
Sometime back, (I suppose that you could get the before-after scenario that I'm talking about), I was a big time Tea Lover, all credits to Her tea. The more I drank tea outside, the more and more I enjoyed and cherished Her tea. Tea Love was growing quite strong then, so much that I used to boo coffee people.

Now that the tables have turned, and the sheer thought of the heavenly tea missing from my Life forever, Coffee proposed me. The Coffee Love is so strong now that I can't even imagine a day without Coffee Kiss, thrice at the least.

If Life were a shape, I would say it would be a Polygon or Circle. We may or may not end up where we started, but we tend to go through every variation/hue/tone for a particular measure.

I don't complain.
It makes us better prepared for the forth coming unknown tides.
All the same, there is and will be always a regret that we could have fared better.
The Irony here, when it comes to Life being fully complete, the chapters we write with our dear ones would always be incomplete.
So many moments, times and memories shared and made, yet we don't get a single moment to bid a proper farewell.
Am I criticising the unfair way? No.

Instead of it making us give up on the bonds of love and respect we create, it actually forms a solid base of building relationships, nullifying the anger and resentment within ourself, seeing the brighter side of things and the better side of people, valuing the person for who they are and what they mean to you and seeing beyond the casual unintentional mistakes, And Last and not the least, having a trust in self with self forgiveness and self acceptance that every wrong you do today brings the better of you for tomorrow.

Believe. Love. Respect.
Appreciate anything and everything that makes you feel good.
Acknowledge whatever others think/do for your well being.
Say Thank you. Even if it is a small thing, and even if people ask you to keep the courtesy off.
Smile and spread Joy.
Be concerned and show interest in the interests of others.
Get to know atleast a couple of things about others, even favorite color would do.
Never turn blind or deaf or dumb to people in your Life, especially family and friends.

Live. Keep Living. Live on.

May 25, 2013


Warning: This is not an enlightening post on Fixing or an article about How Money roll in IPL or any social message.
Just a writing/thoughts from a Hardcore fan of Cricket, a Bigtime supporter of a Indian Cricket team, and a Verithanama (hardcore bigtime raging fanaticism, you could get what it means) Fan/Supporter of the IPL team Chennai Super Kings (CSK). Can't help supporting the team from your hometown, Natural I say.

If you gonna think that, after all the media rage on IPL fixing scandal and the news (truth and fake ones) of CSK's name in "IPL fixing scandal with "BETTING" accusations flowing across, I would stop watching my team's matches or change my FB cover picture or put some sad status posts on CSK, Well Not Happening.

My FB cover pic, since day 1 of IPL-6 

You just can't throw accusations simply, even voice out ideas as such, on players like Dhoni, Hussey, Raina, Dravid, Sachin, etc. on fixing. The team boards/management maybe, and the unethical opportunistic players, but certainly not the ones who have proved themselves on the game and who have the name and fame. Utter Dumbness I say.

And yes, till date the complaint is betting, which, i suppose, is different from "Fixing". And Betting, Everyone does, even i did few times on CSK with chocolates (Temptations and Dairy milks :-O) Not a Crime I say.

If you still have this thought of CSK fixing the whole IPL, by passing on the money to some bookies, whom I presume not to be Sorcerers that they could make players overstep or slip them to mis-field or direct the ball zig-zag and hit the stumps, the money and the purpose got to transcend to the management and the owners and players, you should start blaming your own team for getting money to lose. But frankly speaking, it is not this one team that's rich enough and nobody wants to lose. Don't go around blaming other teams. Sounds Pathetic I say.

All the same, IPL is pure entertainment, and yes, it is all money and fun.
Being a Dhoni-hater-so-CSK-hater or Chennai-has-hot-weather-so-don't-like-Chennai-so-CSK-hater, getting mental peace by picking on CSK with false rumours just shows you to be having weaker passion for the game.

I support CSK, till the end of IPL. But still, the hope of Sachin scoring a century, the awesomeness on seeing Sachin and Ponting having a partnership, the Honour to watch Dravid lead, the sheer pleasure of watching Gilly bowl and take a wicket, etc are few moments which you could proudly talk about for years later being a Cricket fan.

Forgetting the Dubious Precarious scenarios , ignoring the Extra talks of extra innings, the hyper commentary, funny it's-the-end-of-the-world expressions of the team owners, the Ads and the promotions, the cheer-leaders, the actors and the celebrity icons, the jhumping jhumpang jhumpaks, And beyond the regionalistic support, We all know IPL is worth the time, energy and support, the Joy kind of love for the Game.

Conclusion: I Believe in my Team.
And Come on, It doesn't even make much difference to my support even if they play well or not and win or lose, These dumb small time silly issues will never create a ripple in the calm waters.

Time for countdown for the Finals.

CSK-ian Forever.
Bleed Yellow.

Chennai Super Kings-ku Periya Whistle Podu.

April 20, 2013


Okay. Here it is.
After a Long long time.

Lately, I am being struck with Flashes of Negativity. Not the Excuse for the statement above, But a Cover Line for what follows below.

So I was there, contemplating the Rightness of my negative emotions, trying to untie the knots it had created in my mind, wanting to sort things out and wanting to, as usual, cook some theories that would calm me down, and sing me "Don't you worry Child, The Heaven's got a plan for you", I prefer the acoustic version.

So this is for me. And for the the world that needs the below words.

Our Life is defined by the Things and People, the ones which we attach ourselves to and the ones that we get detached from.

So many Dreams in a day. So many Emotions in every phase.
And everyday, we put up small small fights for our Sanity within our mind, we light up candles of Hope that keep us going on, we lean on shoulders of solace as well as give hands of Support, we lock up so many secrets, views, opinions in our closet but also give out spare keys of trust to people and glue them to our hearts. And Each day, Some part of our Castle gets some cracks, yet we keep Building on our Life.

That's how it works. That's the way Life goes on.

In Life, we can be either of two. A Lover, Or a Loser.
And it is us who has gotta decide where we fall into.
Bad experiences, misfortunes and Failures never would tag us as loser. When we take credits for success and luck, it is equally fair and right that we take ownership of our mistakes and pitfalls.
That is, if we value our Lives and yes, if we don't want to be LOSER.

If we don't want to get lost in the chaotic vacuum by tiny misleading trifles, it is really Best to have a BIG HEART, Big enough to forgive ourselves, accept the way we are and the ways we feel, know our own mistakes and shortcomings and still continue to love oneself. 

You rarely get acknowledged when you are right, But your imperfections would never go unnoticed.
Some just get high watching you go down, taunt you, make you feel unfit for anything.
You will find people in counselor outfit at your doorstep, Arrows being shot at your lights, Criticisms digging your grave, And it seems the easy way to go in silence and lie on the ground and get buried, the sooner the better.

Everybody dies, today or tomorrow. And be Forgotten. Nobody lives forever.

But then, If there is something you could say that it is yours and it is your own Right, it is your own LIFE!

You don't need to put on a Fight; Or SCREEAAMM at the crowd.
Remember, You are a Dreamer, Not screamer; A Lover, Not loser.

Be the Better, Not necessarily the greater.
Show some Acceptance, not always Grievance.
And Never shut down your lights and never ever shrink into darkness.

Live. Love. And Live again.