March 29, 2012


Had a long night, not to mention he word emotional, yesterday. Had to go through the battle of emotions and without a concrete point. More like fighting blindfolded in the dark, just by swishing the swords in all directions.
Which led to a shallow alert sleep
for some four hours.
Which explains the status of myself, sick tired with burning eyes and a nice headache.

Work, fortunately not much incoming except for small requests.

Researched about blog, and the results are quite depressing, be it my blog seo or pageranks.
Well have to accept how nobody cares to read non stop ramblings of a 20-something sitting in the corner of the fifth floor, hidden behind a square box of an old pc. Funny how could I ever dream of becoming visible when I am just aiming for invisibility all over. Contradictory, yes me.

More later.

Taken from my iPod in morning, can't sit idle when your bus is tuck in traffic jam for an hour.
And, damn hot. What is becoming of the good old cool city of Bangalore.

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