March 18, 2012

DAY TWO!! What else I could name it.

I am on a weird stuck up feel. Like a dog fully drenched in rain, and the only way to get dry and fresh would be waiting for the rain to stop and the water molecules to evaporate. Though I wouldn't mind being in rain.

I had an hair cut last night, well after fantasies of having long wavy hair that dances in the wind, and after months of growing it to a good length till my hips to be precise, I wanted to groom and level it.
Unfortunately, the lady in the salon had other creative ideas in her mind. Which ended up in me getting an altogether a different look. Short and smart, and which I never had intended for.

There are times when things get screwed up, You end up with the wrong outcome of right idea of someone else.
What is the point in blaming someone when it does not rewind and make things right.
Where is the purpose of brooding about it when it won't change a thing.
Why is it so difficult for me to accept the person's mistake when I couldn't even accept myself however I look.

If I am destined that I should walk around the world with this funky look, then be it. I love the unforseen weird funny challenges. And I am way too strong to react badly for a exterior Thingy. So let's have a go.

And yes, second day maybe, but still, I haven't yet completely made up my mind about this blah-blah-blah-g.

Vini :-)

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