October 3, 2009


well..it has been a long time since i signed into my blog and clicked on the "new-post" tab..

i really feel that i have lost the flow of thinking and writing process..

i could feel the friction inside my mind when i make efforts to write..

though i didnt want to take extra efforts for an inborn skill and a passion of mine and which i had and still holding a pride on being a good writer (yet not too proud to take it to my head), i didnt want to drop my passion without a try..

i had been thinking about this thought-blockage for sometime.. there must be some reason.. laziness cant possibly be a barrier to a heart-oriented passion.. and i came up with few reasons, which might be excuses also..

the break happened when i lost my granny.. she was pretty close to me and i went really down after the incident.. that might have been the reason or one of the reasons.. and i am very well aware that my thinking hasnt got organized yet..

lets see how things go.. cos there is this tag for my life, that tells about the weird and unimaginably odd things that could possibly happen in one's life..

however gotta keep it going on..

life moves on, whatsoever. . :-)