March 20, 2012


Oh Man! Crisis.
I was under the conception that the name i have kept for my blog is something out of the box, and if i google it, i could find the link atleast in the tenth page. But not happening.

Seems like many have thought blah-blah-blah-ing through their blogs, i mean Blahgs.
Well now even the name is as dilemma-ic as the blog itself. 

Anyways, As i said, It just doesn't stop.

Today i had a nice chilled out conversation with team, Where a colleague described his morning walks and brought out the Refreshing feel to reality. As for me, being a night person, and having witnessed just few sunrises, It was more of a pleasant stuff to hear, which took me to wondering how would it be, and how would i feel. 
Never Mind. It's all about how we enjoy, not exactly when. Though trying out things even if it doesn't come under your line would be a good idea, after all we try out things and show ourselves as someone who we may not really be, Why not try out small simple new things for personal ways.

Not altogether pointless.
Pointless. Yes, I had written a line in my other blog yesterday, " just don't lead a pointless life just cos' it seems to be the easy way"

A Comment by a good friend, that we could very well lead a pointless life than living on silly points. 
Well, i have been thinking on this for the past few hours and i just couldn't get myself to acknowledge it in any possible way. Not to be biased, It may also be because that my thought has been opposed. 

Anyways, I feel that even if purpose behind, be it silly or worthy, it is our life and the FEEL we have must be genuine and true. Nothing else matters. 
Do you think I give a damn on what you feel about my life. Obviously not. None of us do. 

Hence Proved. Simple and nice to argue, having a valid point and a void response. ;-)

Also, this blog is all about what i really think and feel, and not what i reply.
Dust off to those diplomatic polished replies.

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