July 29, 2010


     We are so much sticked in our own shoes that we just cant put ourselves in others'.

     After done with the appreciations and wishes on getting through a selection process, a friend said to me, "I know! You must have worn your color contacts to get the panel's attention". Though i reasoned out that i wear contacts normally and i don't even believe in luck and looks cant even have a mention, he didn't seem to accept it. The conversation ended there. 

     I know. It's just one of those insignificant instances in life, that rather seem to bring out the fact that every one of us have that "insignificant" slump in our hearts. 

     The question of the decade : WHO ARE WE TO DECIDE ON THE REASONS OF OTHERS?

   The moment you narrate some incident or action of yours, there would be many eyes that would evaluate you and many minds that would try to classify you, but only one ear, which is of yours, that would be hearing what you actually speak. And, not to deny, none is exceptional in this case, Just admitting the fact that we apply our minds for others too.

     We are just shallow in our reasons for others' ways, yet we say that we have OUR-OWN-GOOD-REASONS, which unfortunately would be met with the same face valuing by others.

Too much fiddling around heh.. 

     Well, We are just being what we see as complicated way. 
Why not just have things basic and simple.
Rather than tightening our noose, why not just let people have their way with their reasons and just acknowledging them, and leaving it to them to talk truth or show fake.
Why not let our ears listen to what they actually tell, rather than hearing what we expect that they should be telling.

     My phone rang. I picked up and the voice said, "I know why you didn't respond me last night. You are just over-acting". Wishing that i hadn't used my phone this time too, i replied, "Good thing you know". The reply, "I can see through people" and i replied, "sure you can" and kept the phone down. Can't even see what i see normally, then why such attitudes of seeing through people.

     Yep, never tolerate such attitudes and put yourself through paces. The previous content (in blue color) applies in the contra-way. If someone blocks you with their presumed mind-set, then let them do. After-all, it's better to ignore rather than bell the cat in trying to make our views sound.
     Let's feel our simple minds in our bonds.

Dream. Live. Cherish.

July 23, 2010


     If you ask me to describe my life for past two weeks, the one word that strikes me is SOLITUDE. Well, not the one that has a deep and philosophical meaning. I meant being alone in real for almost nine hours everyday.

     Since i'm supposedly on holidays and i have got no work to do, and also mum goes for office at 9a.m. and returns back at 6p.m., I am locked inside a walled box, ALONE!
     I won't say that it's hell, gotta acknowledge the presence of of the entertaining stuffs and favourite munches. Moreover, i love my HOME-SWEET-HOME.
     I had never felt strained being at home before gran had moved to a different house. Well, times change.
     Some great Heads, including me, used to say that loneliness is the perfect factor when you can spend time for yourself and realize many things. But this holds true only with the "IF-AND-ONLY-IF" condition. Not 9hours everyday! I didn't ask for any realization of my 20 years life! Duh!

     Well, there is a good side (gotta be somewhat positive in negative) as well as the cons-side. +'s are that, i am managing a whole house by myself, Quite responsible heh. :-) and i can think and write with ease. I spend time in a lot of ways (as mentioned as MY-WORLD). The TOP +, I can sing and dance without restrictions. YAY! :-)
     Now, for the -'s. The only one, I am going mad being alone. I can't keep track of my thoughts as it is getting over-crowded and sometimes i am getting confused if i am thinking naturally or trying to think like someone else, Cos' at times, i either sound too powerful and authoritative or forlorn and lost. Both, NOT SO ME!

     But i won't say that i get bored. No, i don't feel the boredom.. Or maybe, i feel so but i wanna feel that i don't feel so.. (Ya right, the CONFUSING ME!)
     Moreover, at the end of the day, i pretty sure can't remember the day except for it being monotonous and blank.

     Being HOME-ALONE isn't that fun, though it may sound so. At home, you want to hear people chit-chatting, want someone to scold you and give some work, want to hear the silence as well as the snores during noon nap and also want to be waken up by the noises of house work.

     Seriously, TO ALL THOSE WHO WISH FOR HOME-ALONE DAYS, You are just asking for something that you would probably regret later.


Dream. Live. Cherish.

July 21, 2010


   "Is it LOVE?" If you had asked her then, the answer would have been "yes, definitely!!". A positive affirmation from the girl who had entered into teens.

   She was a perfect tom-boyish kind, short hair, her usual attire being jeans and tee with the exception of her school uniform, plays cricket with guys and does wild stunts.

   He was a nice kind, tall and handsome, a bit messy hair and a charming smile, had a great fan following.

   The first sight was at the playground. Few girls were playing catch-me, few chit-chatting, some doing work-outs and some in serious tennis practice. She was in the basket-ball court, trebling the ball, along with two other girls.
   There was a raise in volume of girls' voices and she took her eyes off the ball to notice him cross the court and looking directly at her. But she was not interested then and continued playing.

   From then on, whenever their paths crossed they noticed each other and her mates started teasing and exciting her.
    She started liking him, maybe cos' he was good-looking, or maybe cos' he was famous or maybe cos' she thought he liked her a lot.
And many differences could be noticed in her ways.

   She looked at herself in mirror many times a day, became conscious about her looks, did makeover whenever she got time, and consciously dressed talked walked and acted like a perfect girl.

   Though they noticed each other many times a day, they never once approached or talked and she didn't mind that cos' she thought talking in real did not matter much in love.
   The last day came, and it was his last day of schooling.
   She bought a best-wishes card and waited for him at the main gate. Three hours passed but there was no sight of him.
   She thought that he wouldn't have left without a good-bye. She returned back home disappointed but she was  confident that he would contact her somehow.
   Two days later, her friend casually commented that he was in relationship with a girl for past two years and he must have played around with his looks.
   For a moment, everything stopped for her. She put the phone down.

    She cried, cried and cried, maybe cos' she was hurt or maybe cos' she was fooled or maybe cos' everything turned out to be a lie.

    She looked at the mirror and there, she saw another lie. She saw someone who had lost her real identity and individuality.

    She got back to her real-self. Almost eight years have passed and she had one or two celebrity crushes but didn't fall in love with anyone and she denied the proposals she received. But she still haven't forgotten him and those days. She hated for what a person he had been, but then, after-all he had taught her the difference between infatuation and love. She also learnt the importance of being genuine and having character and good attitude.

    "Was it love?" If you ask me now, I would say "NO WAY!!". 
    I am still not the perfect girl, still referred as a tom-boy and stand somewhere in midway between being cool and having girlish ways. It doesn't bother me cos' i feel real and genuine.
Being ME rocks! :-) 

Dream. Live. Cherish.

July 19, 2010


Sometimes, and many a times,
You feel hurt, You could feel the disappointment within yourself raising within.
You want to cry out loud, Yet you don't hear your own voice.
You want to be listened and consoled, Yet you think that none could understand you.
You feel left out and segregated, Yet you feel that you don't belong to the normal world.
You feel angry and irritated often, Yet you don't have a way to control.
You are desperate and helpless, Yet you don't see anyone who could help.

   Well, i would say, ENOUGH OF THIS!
   I know that many can relate this to themselves, and i admit honestly that i am one such person. I have a lot of instances where i had felt that i have reached the end. But there are few people, i would say God-sent, who help me, should say KICK me out of such attitude. I have few friends, who make sure that i don't give up or become hopeless and that i stay positive, and my Bestie, who diverts my mind at all times. And there is Me, who think that challenges can be tried and difficulties can be crossed, since it is a way to feel the real happiness and also who don't want to disappoint the minds that care and hearts that love.

Now, Time to tell few keys to note, and hopefully try impress them in mind, for the betterment of oneself.

#1:First and foremost, There is nothing to feel unique or special about yourself cos' of such "sometimes" feel. This is how the EGO of your depression creeps in.
#2:Anger and tears don't go a long way. You either end up losing your loved ones through anger or your own sane mind through tears.
#3:Understand yourself. Start trusting and motivating yourself. When you don't feel good about yourself, don't expect anything from anyone else. All you deserve and will get is sympathy. True Friends give you a sharp slap (not literally) to make you move on.
#4: These are times when you miss out the vision and voice of true love and care and  your mind searches specifically only for negativity. Blame yourself if you feel negative, not the world. 
#5: THE IMPORTANT!! You may fail N number of times and You may be put to slanders and criticisms, Just ignore and move on with your inner self-confidence. You become a LOSER, not when others think bad of you but when you have given up on youself.

   I am not THE-PERFECT-OPTIMIST. I had felt such things and i might feel negative in future too. And my mood swings are highly variable. But i just know one thing, I will survive at all costs. 

   This writing is dedicated for friends who wants to move on in life no-matter-what and for myself who has to remember that words said are words done. :-) 

Dream. Live. Cherish.

July 17, 2010


    After a long time of being stuck in the hectic mess of straightening the path to the next level of life, muddled suggestions and foreseeing nothing but blankness, i am now living the break-free time of life.. Yay! :D
       Though i have lined up serious subject books on my table, I intend to while away time simply.. NO, wait, Let me rephrase it.. I intend to spend time for myself in my own sphere. :-)
      My mom leaves home for work at 9a.m. everyday. So, what probable acts would a simple normal girl do?? The suggestions received:

#1: Go freaking out with friends.
          Great idea, but none around at the moment.
#2: Sneak out with boyfriend.
          Nah.. not interested.
#3: Do some serious study for forth-coming tests.
          Are you kidding??!!
#4: Movies.. torrent, glued on couch with pop-corns. 
          Sorry, Am not movie buff.
#5: SLEEP! 
          :D Goes with saying.

Well, This is my very own MY WORLD!

    My lappy - a connect to the outer world and planets, Networking with co-aliens and co-superhumans
    My tunes - through my system and mobile (used as a phone rarely). Sings to me all through the day, from making me dance to the instant i drift to sleep.
  My readables - Fictionising, Fantasizing, Thrilling and Actioning the frequency of the scenario.
   My silvery journal, holds all my silent thoughts and light feelings, with random musings and non-stop ramblings included.
   My cybershot - Though i am not much passable when it comes to techy details of photography, my passion for capturing moments never rest.
   And my heavenly pillow, smooth enough to take me to a calm phase of mind.

     Though i am all alone throughout the day and have no real work to do, i have companions that don't let the devils of  loneliness or depression to creep in.

   After all, joy and happiness depend, not on the things happening, but on the way you want to feel and actually do so.

Dream. Live. Cherish.

July 15, 2010


    There are seven Wonders in this world and many hundreds that have a place in the Hall of fame. Yet, Being in this world for two decades, i haven't made it to even one.

    However, i have been to places that are not globally famous and may not be a wonderland.. But what matters is the good feel you get on being at such places, accompanied by the pride of being one of the luckiest people on earth to have been there and to be able to admire the awesomeness of the thing.

   It is about one such place which i am gonna pen down further.
Location::Chennai, TamilNadu, India.

   The place, humble as well as discreet, is located in the heavy-traffic area of Porur-Guindy road, In Memory of the soldiers of the Second World War.

    I went there along with my friend at around 6p.m., the same time when we learnt that the visiting time closes by 5p.m.  But the caretaker was sweet to let the two excited kids standing at his doorstep in.. Goodness do comes with the atmosphere i suppose.. :-)

     We started to walk around the place and within seconds, we were filled with total love and respect for the place and we could sense presence of every element - Silence, Beauty, Respect, Honour, Patriotism and Pride.

     As we were seeing the inscriptions, we were filled with both shock and awe on looking at the names listed in early twenties.
"Young blood, Charged up..
Set out with arms in hand,
Stood against the enemy forces in land.. "
     I had read such lines in my prose in schooling days, without the knowledge of existence of such hearts then and now the examples staring at me now.

       Years have passed and are passing by, yet people are seen to engage themselves in many activities that range from mortal quest for material treasures to the noble intent of helping fellow people. But these hearts belong to a completely different hub. Just the sole Responsibility that was born from the pure love for their land in mind, Yet made their lives reach the level of immortality.

      All these years of having successful family members and powerful icons as role models, i can feel the real inspiration this time from those who are not my role-models or whom i had known as a person.

    With the beauty of place and the respect for the souls impressed in mind, we left the place INSPIRED!

Dream. Live. Cherish.

July 12, 2010

In-the-Box Questions

There are certain things when put forth as questions are quite unanswerable, not because of any intricate details are involved but because they are so simple that we cannot gauge neither the dimension of the perception in which the question was put forth nor the range of acceptance of the reply made.

The funny part of such questions is that though we very well know about the subject, we dont intend to give a direct answer, which rarely exists, and though we give a reply that is good enough it still doesn't suffice cos' it may not be the one that is expected out of, eventhough the fact remains that one cannot know or guess at the least, the other's frame of mind.

Following are few of the many (in many more) which make me think and go blank before i give a vague answer..

  • Tell about yourself.. (huh!! what exactly about me??)
  • what do you like?? (many!! which one u want me to tell??)
  • Are you good?? (YES OFCOURSE!! Well, i think so.. Perhaps you should be more specific.. :| )
  • why are you friends with him/her?? (why??!! never knew freindship should have a reason.. :s)
  • Are you in love/do you love?? (in what or who??!)
  • What do you dream about?? (you mean, my intentional dreams or the unintentional ones???)
  • What have you accomplished till now?? (first rank?? first place?? certificates??? Life is supposed to be lived.. not benchmarked and achieved..)
Well.. Simple enough..
No scientific theories or technical explanations needed..
No need of Google or Encyclopedia..
No need to research and discover anything..

The answer, we all know.. Yet the answer we give is neither self-satisfactory nor accepted whole-heartedly by the questioning mind.

Funny things.. Funny people.. Funny world.. :D

Dream. Live. Cherish.