August 25, 2008

the LIFE of life..

cant imagine a life without this..

the moment i wake up 4m sleep, i could hear the melodies of thiruvasagam or some othr devotional songs..during the bus travel,both to and from coll,music from mobile or fm s played all thro' the way..though usage of mobile and other such electronic goods s banned whithin the college campus, music cannot b done so..i could hear my friends singing n a low voice or me myself humming[singing??? not me!!] sum tunes..and most of the time sum song or the othr wud b played inside my mind[ya rite...must b related to sum music genius of the world ;)]..and back at home,my mp3 player does the job..

wel..ths happens n almost evryone's occupies such a gr8 part n our lifetime tht we might not even realise t since t s present all thro'out our journey of life..

ts uniqueness lies n the way t connects to our feelings, thoughts and moods(be t happy or a sad one)..and adds energy and spirit to the day..

above s the main factor tht gives identity to humans wit heart among othr "non-"&"un-"living beings.. the admiration and love for music s the key tht links all the people of the world and gives the healthy feel to live, love and stay united.. :)

August 23, 2008

lost chances..

one of the most difficult things lies n identifying one's talents or skills within,unless the parents make their children to focus on something..

my parents too did tht but n a strange way..i was made to join n almost all the classes.. music, dance, karate, veena, art&crafts, yoga, swimming,etc..(thts t i think)..but nevr completed or qualified any of these..just got stranded up between the class schedules tht i din stop and realize wat was meant for me..

at present..the special talents or areas of interests s still being a blank space.. mayb i wud hav done better f i had taken efforts to learn all of them wen i had the chance..

now..i sketch sumtimes..i love sketchin especially wen i get the right mood..scenaries cums much better than faces(sumhow cant draw the eyes nd nose)..

and i do swimming pretty gud f the water level s around 6ft (mayb i wud do my best swimming wen sinking n a deep sea or chased by a

i still suck n classical dance..wel not my mistake..i wanted to learn western dance..i still love dancing(not classical ofcourse) and wanna b a professional n t..hmmm one of my incomplete dreams(until my family allows me to join n those classes)..

ths s y the elders say..make use of the oppurtunities wen they cum..cos u ll regret t later f u miss t..

huh..i still cudn identify them until i hav missed the oppurtunities..

the right slap!!

this happened wen i was n my 2nd standard..during the annual examination time..
from the start of my schooling i hav ths study sessions at home during exam parents r pretty strict about studies..they wont force me to study daily but during exams t was not like to finish the portions within the specified time..
wel..i was doing ths detail type of answer(just 5 lines) for the tamil exam next day..i was trying my best to get t into my head but i jus cudn do i planned to escape 4m ths..
i pretended to sleep on my table so tht mom wud tel me to go to bed..
instead i got a tight sound slap..
10mins later, i was n my bed..finished and revisied the answer properly..
on tht day..i understood one compromise on studies..
am not the studious person..always the topper of the class..
but during exams i manage to study enough tht wud get me sum average-to-above average marks..and ths credit totally goes to tht slap and my mom who gav tht..

the predefined rules of life..

wat makes everyone's life unique???

ofcourse.. it is because of the person's view of life and attitude towards it that makes them face so many different situations and acquire wide range of experiences consequently.. and experiences r not jus mistakes and lessons..t s the main factor that builds up the character and focusses the thoughts..

and..wen u keep ur mind open n those moments,be t gud or bad..u learn a lot of things tht cudnt be taught by any of the renowned books or workshops.. thts wat life s all about..learn and live..

i ll mention sum of my past nd present experiences..t may not b exciting or important or sumthing gr8 nd adventurous.. but still..these r the ones tht made me and still making me a person i am now..