March 21, 2012


I have lot in mind, yet i am unable to write anything, atmost concrete. 
Since morning, i remember getting lost into Thoughts atleast four times today. Yet, neither could i remember them to pen down nor could i rethink again. The Fatigue i suppose.

Other than the usual work, chilled out conversations and humour, the thriller of a bus ride to and fro office, the handsome cute guy in bus, and my new funny kiddish hair style, the one other thing i did was taking random psychological personality tests. Right, was a bit too much idle today and hence this doing.
Check out the following:

Ha ha.. "Save the World, Here I come!".
That was a great time pass. 
I can't say for sure that these results were accurate or not. But i could say that self-introspection is something that attracts me. Maybe that's one of the reasons behind my interest in psychology. Knowing self and others is a way to understand the world and life better.

Well Whatever.
For what it is worth, It was worth the time. 

And tomorrow, probably i would pen down the times i get "lost in thoughts". Will see what maketh a day.

P.S.:More than Superman, I would love to be invisible girl, Or the wonder girl, Or Ice-princess. ;-)

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