"The Quest of Life includes the search for Oneself"

Aug.15. A Leo. 
Indian. And Proud.
Grad in Computer Science. Love being Geeky and weird at times.

The I, ME, SELF:

  • Anything Black, Yeah right! Gothic and Emo me.
  • Chocolate makes me go high.
  • Music is my Drug.
  • Books are my licensed carriage to other worlds.
  • I still read Tinkle, Watch Tom & Jerry, eat Ice Cubes.
  • I love Rain, The smell and the drizzles on me.
  • I Sleep till I feel awake. (Not Applicable on office days, Nothing and none could and should disturb sleep) And I stay awake till I fall Asleep.
  • I love watching the Moon, the clouds floating by, trees, facial expressions, the steam of hot coffee, Art (though i don't understand)
  • What I love doing: Google-ing, window-shopping, evening non-directional walks, Photography, Dreaming Endlessly, Writing, Hanging out with friends, Movies (sensible and good feel types), Meddling with Apps in my Ipod, Long drives (I won't drive), Travelling (Seeing new places), Making plans in the air, Writing sticky notes. Goes on and on.
  • So called "bad habits": Not using mobile phones (Man, I get soo much curses), Loving solitude (I still don't get what's wrong in this).
  • Fav. Quote: "When the Going gets tough, the tough gets going."
  • Fav. Line: Every story has a Happy End. If not, then it is not the end. :-)
Well, This is Basically me. Something that is the part of constant me.
But then, I am so changing and random and just so capricious. My friends are those who know my both sides but who don't try to decrypt me and blindly love me for who I am. Only reason why they mean so much to me.

I fall for Genuineness and Good Feel. Smiles. Silence. Character. Strength. Goodness.


      Awesome Weird Different Happy Difficult Blank Vague (all adjectives included) things happen and such times are natural to pass by, But we should see to it that we don't get easily carried away by these random things happening in our life and forget to enjoy and live those small joys that hide behind the curtains all the time.

Life is beautiful and filled with smiles and happiness, only when,
one can Admire and appreciate every single beauty in this whole world and shares smiles and happiness with the universe. :-)

Dream. Live. Cherish.
Vini. :-) 


kirthi said...

heyy!! Im Kirthi,found you on twitter.....i just read your blogs and i found you so similarto me,i felt like you had written about me and my crazyness..... :)....keep blogging

WisdomTalkBaba said...

I have read your blog. You seem to be little experienced :) Great read.

I have started writing and would like to have feedback. tell me what do you think about http://thewisdomtalk.blogspot.in/