March 19, 2012


TRUST is not as easy as it's incantation.
Love is a feeling that is quite universal, not talking about Romance though. Love blooms and evolves out of good Heart.
Trust, on the other hand, is actually the extremity of the same case.
Trust is the measure of the Strength and Pride one has in One'sLove.

Trust and Belief is something that emerges from the darkness and delusion as the brightest source of light ever, Brighter than a hundred thousand Suns.

This Enlightenment happens however, after a struggle. A Fight against your own Belief and view and a struggle to keep your Love breathing. A Noble state which can be achieved by giving complete heart and soul in a clash against our conception, for something which you believe is to be true.
One can understand the greatness of trust only when the heart has been subjected to the hard side.

And, Unless and Until we Understand, We can never appreciate or respect the belief bestowed upon us.

To cut a long story short, just don't lead a pointless life just cos' it seems to be the easy way.

Believe. Be Live.



Suvigya Mishra said...

Live a pointless lyf, better than living on silly-points :)

abhishek said...