March 19, 2012

SILLY RANDOMNESS. How well I could be.

Lately, I am becoming a good Muddlehead.
Take anything in the day-to-day walk, I have a second thought, not to mention the hundred thoughts that flow afterwards. A hesitation, An Indifference, A Guilt, And a Stress.
In the end, I feel Tired. 

An Unwilling Heart to clear my sleep. An Hesitation to board the office bus, to undergo the Pressure of Rash driving and Traffic and heat and Dust around. A Sullen face while walking all the way to my place. A Burdened feel and tightened Mind, weighing heavily on my Head in the long hours of bonding with a box of micro chips and cards and few electrons and light. A negligible weak lunch and small conversations. And a Tiresome physical feel back to home.
And a Continuous search for minute joys and good feel all along.

Well, I seem to have ended up with the right thing.

In our lives, and during some phases, Unless we intend for Peace and Happiness by valuing even the micro minute joys and goodness in life, we will probably get buried in the daily trials and trifles till we are completely washed out of the passion for life.

Moral: Make sure you find one thing today that would make you spend a small moment with a beautiful smile and a silent chuckle and a heartbeat of inspiration.

Share(if ever someone is reading) your point of joy today.

Mine? Well, I had a short deep nap on my desk after a heavy lunch and none of my colleagues did think of disturb. And woke up as if in a hangover. Damn the Hot Summer! (Nothing on me ofcourse :-P)

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