May 3, 2011


     "A Prisoner's Diary". Well, That's how a diary, of anyone for that matter, would be most of the times referred to as. Kind of a popular expression used.

     That day, i was writing my journal as usual (not that usual, owing to my laziness and procrastinating the same) and my friend casually joked that one fine day my diary would be published as "Another Prisoner's Diary" and be the Best-seller. Well, how i wish i write some "Sense" in my journal for that to happen. :-P Anyways, it sounded nice though.

     But the Caption? It may have come from the popular tag, but doesn't suit my writing.
It doesn't suit anyone, unless they have been held captive in a dark room with a light from a small window, too high to be reached, and located in an isolated island. (Just an imaginative desc)

     Yes, Right. We are free. Independent. Decisive. Rightful. Strong. Powerful. Living.

     So. . . When was the last time when we had to bury our Dream to keep living in the "REAL" world?
     Did It ever happen to us, that we Crushed our Identity to hold onto a Bond, a Bond of Love threatened by our Individuality?
     How many times We had to say a point-blank NO, Due to the Scenes of stern faces that crop up inside our heads, when our Heart is shouting Madly an YES inside us?
     And How many times have We Trusted our Instincts/Feelings/Heart, rather than the Standing Facts, and proceeded with a brave heart?

     Nope. I don't think it ever happens with us. We are Free. Not bonded, chained or segregated.  **I Hope IRONY is obvious in my Tone**

     Well, we are not enslaved, yet we can't be free-willed.
     We always find something to go amiss.
     Nevertheless, we prefer to be chained even if we Yearn to fly high or Get Lost far away.

     Prisoners in some way or the other.
     A Prisoner, Sometimes to the rules imposed by others and the "society"-since-1800 and other times by the stitched framework for ourselves by Us.
     A Prisoner, to 'Bonds' of Love and to 'Chains' of Influence.
     A Prisoner, of the Never-ending sequels of Everyday Drama of Life, the sanity of mind in facing the Varied Sentiments of Humanity and also the Hatred of small Minds, and of the Hard ways of Sacrifices we make with the Strong beliefs and Passions of Ours to the Cause of holding onto the Normality of Emotions, Undisturbed. 

Let's take a Stand. Life, be it short or long, should be in our way, However Logical or impractical.

     Live a Dream everyday. And show the World that Our Thoughts are no Less than the Value of the Existing Theories of survivals.
     Cos' Sometimes, Sunken ships in High and Wild Tides tell Stories Much Lovelier than Silent Journeys on Commonly-used Surface.