June 4, 2011

Incidently, World's a Stage.

     Sometimes, We never want to face the harsh reality, and so we choose to be blind, We prefer to stay in darkness and we firmly believe the illusion of Darkness being the normal way.
     We don't want to see the Truth, We act, along with the "atmosphere", that Everything is fine.
     We laugh and talk casually, though all along and deep inside our Hearts, We know and feel that something is not Right. Something is really missing.


     We build a sand castle for hours. Though we are aware of the Truth that if we go back to our little castle, there is high probability that it won't exist. This makes us to avoid going back, keeps us from turning back to catch a glimpse of our small work. All we do is to keep walking on, with the beautiful picture of our possession in mind and a firm belief that things are still the same.

     Life. . . .

     We know, Things don't stay the same way we left.  We could guess the ingenuity of words, We could see the True faces behind the masks, And we do feel the Discomfort in an artificially constructed scene.
     And Us. . . We do not want to disturb the calm, though improper, Waters. We are scared of the Truth, And the Fear of Harsh Reality weighs more than the Friction of Falseness. 

     And we just do, what seems to be the Best-for-all choice. . .

     We ignore the taunts of our inner-sense, and With an indifferent and tired smile, We put on our own Masks and carry on with our Act.

      Cos', Ultimately, The Play has to go on. .