June 5, 2013


Life has a way of teaching us Gratitude, and imparting us with the nature of acknowledging Love.

I realized the same just few days back, and still learning and practising the above art. The art of appreciating and being Thankful about the Good People and Good things that have been gifted to one's own Life.

When She was there, I suppose that I took everything for granted.
Almost Everything.
The morning sounds of Divine Music, the non stop ringing of my name through the house till the task is done, the heavenly tea, the unbeaten taste of her sambhar, her echoing laughs that light up the place, the unshaken faith in God, the Stronger belief on us. . . And yes, the plain truth that she was there, no matter what or when or how or all those questions. Thinking back, I never did give much thought on any of those.

Well, It has been almost an year since the loss.

How am I taking it? No idea. Sometimes, the shut down phase. Other times, Rework and Repair.

I'm ofcourse a changed person, mentally as well as emotionally. And I don't regret it. Change is like the Ocean currents of Life, We get caught in it and our ride takes a course accordingly.

I have taken to few things which sometime back I would have never imagined myself to do so.

This Coffee addiction for instance.
Sometime back, (I suppose that you could get the before-after scenario that I'm talking about), I was a big time Tea Lover, all credits to Her tea. The more I drank tea outside, the more and more I enjoyed and cherished Her tea. Tea Love was growing quite strong then, so much that I used to boo coffee people.

Now that the tables have turned, and the sheer thought of the heavenly tea missing from my Life forever, Coffee proposed me. The Coffee Love is so strong now that I can't even imagine a day without Coffee Kiss, thrice at the least.

If Life were a shape, I would say it would be a Polygon or Circle. We may or may not end up where we started, but we tend to go through every variation/hue/tone for a particular measure.

I don't complain.
It makes us better prepared for the forth coming unknown tides.
All the same, there is and will be always a regret that we could have fared better.
The Irony here, when it comes to Life being fully complete, the chapters we write with our dear ones would always be incomplete.
So many moments, times and memories shared and made, yet we don't get a single moment to bid a proper farewell.
Am I criticising the unfair way? No.

Instead of it making us give up on the bonds of love and respect we create, it actually forms a solid base of building relationships, nullifying the anger and resentment within ourself, seeing the brighter side of things and the better side of people, valuing the person for who they are and what they mean to you and seeing beyond the casual unintentional mistakes, And Last and not the least, having a trust in self with self forgiveness and self acceptance that every wrong you do today brings the better of you for tomorrow.

Believe. Love. Respect.
Appreciate anything and everything that makes you feel good.
Acknowledge whatever others think/do for your well being.
Say Thank you. Even if it is a small thing, and even if people ask you to keep the courtesy off.
Smile and spread Joy.
Be concerned and show interest in the interests of others.
Get to know atleast a couple of things about others, even favorite color would do.
Never turn blind or deaf or dumb to people in your Life, especially family and friends.

Live. Keep Living. Live on.