March 29, 2011

A Gap-Fill.

     Well, To start with, this post is just an indicator to the existence of my good-old-non-stop thinking and love for writing, which gets conquered most of the times by laziness.

     All the same, i happen to go through few blogs that got me attached to them as well bring back the Feel to write. Hence i felt the need to start with something somewhere, and even if i don't continue, the start RE-Start is what matters this time. 

     Passion, i suppose, should have a Hold, especially when it does not come under our career scope and the "career-work" takes almost the whole day of a day. I have been thinking about this Hold lately. This Hold would be the key to take Passion seriously, and not get caught in the dreary travel of daily life.

     This World is filled with Dreams, Dreams that got unattended lost the Addresses somewhere in the daily walk of Life, Dreams that at a later point of time got tagged as a Regret and got trashed in some bin with a Sigh; Dreams that would make us fall in love with life and walk us through the blocks and hurdles, that would be the reason for smiles and send positive vibes through channels of co-dreams.

     And though i know the value of my dreams, Here i am, talking about a Hold, a Hold for the Dreams that are a Hold itself for anyone who feel that they are hanging in a cliff and heading down. If it means that the Dream would stay alive and not just within my head, than it is perfectly fine even if i sound a weak person who is desperate to show off "i-am-good-at-this" attitude. 

     A Hold, about which i may not define or discuss here, or write down the ideas on it, or even accept the fact that i still have no clue about it. But i can guarantee one thing, when i seem to be doing justice to my own interests, you could be sure that i would have and am trying out all possible ways to work on the works i am passionate about.

     If there are some stories of some Dreams and interests in some corner of this world, and how they are breathing in the universe, Kindly Share it here. :-)

     In the End, Life is all about, not the heights we reach or properties we earn, but how we Lived our Dreams and valued our Life. :-)
And the Joy gets multiplied when we find fellow Dreamers of this World. A Fraternity of Dreamers, supporting and inspiring each other.

P.S.: I suppose this Gap-fill would be a Hold too, to overcome the emptiness here. Now for the Gap-fill in my Photoblog. :-P