March 17, 2012

SOME START. Well Ofcourse, I could say!

Well, I had been at this point, five times in the past to be exact. 
Starting a Blog is not a new thing for me. I, being so random and whimsical, likes following my ideas however silly or vague they may be. A need to start afresh. A wish to scribble. An Urge to actually sound Non-sensical.
You may think, why to start a new space altogether, when i am left with a Good blog and especially when it is void of my writings, and a handful of people waiting for my once-in-bluemoon articles. A question i asked myself. 
Well, That's the whole point. This time it won't be just another blog of mine.
This space is mainly for my rants and silly ideas and sometimes-great thoughts and Random philosophies ofcourse. Not always big essays, just daily non-sense, sometimes one-lines or small phrases. And no concerns about readers or followers. Anyways, I didn't make big out of my well-framed and well-organised posts. And though impressive, I couldn't always stay the same Calm and composed deep thoughts.
The trigger, I read this one-awesome blog busblog, where he told me (well, me when i read) how we must go about a blog. Though it hasn't sinked in wholly, i just feel like doing this. 
Let's see how it goes.

The plain Truth, It just never stops. :-)

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