March 26, 2012


Well, I did start writing in my journal, after so many days. And Time is not on my Journal's side i presume. The ink got over and i had to suspend the writing for a while.

So many things in mind, and so less in energy to express.

All the same I should accept that, I don't come across much things that could be worth a mention. A day, most of the time, spent in front of a computer, doesn't have much to look into.
Except for the thoughts and the ways i could feel, varying every moment and swinging through the extremes, I just don't have physical quantities in life to carry forward.

Not to blame the profession I am in, Cos' When we strive for something since high school, where we need to put in lot of time and space and energy and efforts, to earn the bread for the day, is not a joke, and can't possibly be burdened with a feel of regret and guilt.
If we feel that the job has to be blamed for the stress and fatigue at the day's end, the most sensible thing to be done is to quit it.
Money or Food, whatever reason be it, Life is not worth the bad feel we give in and for which we don't take up the responsibility.

Doesn't quite work that way.

And for this Life, Every feel is taken into account. Including the Solitude.
Trying to be in a relapse, sure demands time to settle down and pacify the fears and feels of loneliness and regret.
But i guess we need to keep walking.
Put the trust in the relation and move forward with a strong heart.

Life just doesn't stop.

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agame said...

This is a nice one :) If i may, it feels hard but dont forget even with a million men gone from ur life as boyfrens.. only friends and family remain :) thats what keeps us going... keeps our life going :)