February 5, 2009


It was pretty late when i took off my night's blanket. Though i knew it would be sometime around 11 a.m., i didn't bother to note my watch that was lying near astray. The moment i woke up,i knew that this day would not be having the brilliant colors.

I made my bed neatly, a tiresome yet a good habit of mine :) , and after brushing and refreshing myself, i switched on the tv. The highlight of the previous day’s match was being telecasted. Since I missed the live one, I resolved to watch it.

Re-telecast is really different from the live one. A smile rather than yo’s, hurray's, jumpings and dancings for Indian victory moments, indifference when wickets fall, no nail-biting, cross-fingers, tears, etc. But still, victories are worth watching again. :D

After the re-telecast got over, I kept changing the channels, the thing which I usually do when there is not much of work for me to do.
The day seemed to be a converse of yesterday.

Well, yesterday was a perfect cool day to live. A full day hangout with friends.

With friends, it doesn’t really matter what you speak or think about, what you have, what time is it, etc. And no entry for worries and stuff, take diversion for boredom and seriousness. It’s all teeth and ha-ha-ha's, teases and hi-fi's, funny acts and random clickings, discrete silences and continuous chatterings, etc. and at the end of the day, the joyous feeling that the moments left you with is worth living the day a zillion times.

And today, am left with nothing but a whole day with just hours and minutes. Well, I am quite used to living both worlds – one with real friends and genuine moments and the other with my-own friend named solitude and with evergreen companions namely music and my thoughts.

And I got to mention that I am glad with both the worlds, the former making me to love life and the latter teaching me to live life.

Well, 5 p.m.!! Wonder how the time went by. Now the usual schedule starts, with fitness class, browsing, dinner, TV and sleep. As easy as t sounds, rite. .

Sometimes, the pre-programmed life seems active and perfect. But the deviating imperfections and unplanned moments that happens everyday are those that make the difference between living with days filled with action and with moments filled with experience. :)