April 20, 2013


Okay. Here it is.
After a Long long time.

Lately, I am being struck with Flashes of Negativity. Not the Excuse for the statement above, But a Cover Line for what follows below.

So I was there, contemplating the Rightness of my negative emotions, trying to untie the knots it had created in my mind, wanting to sort things out and wanting to, as usual, cook some theories that would calm me down, and sing me "Don't you worry Child, The Heaven's got a plan for you", I prefer the acoustic version.

So this is for me. And for the the world that needs the below words.

Our Life is defined by the Things and People, the ones which we attach ourselves to and the ones that we get detached from.

So many Dreams in a day. So many Emotions in every phase.
And everyday, we put up small small fights for our Sanity within our mind, we light up candles of Hope that keep us going on, we lean on shoulders of solace as well as give hands of Support, we lock up so many secrets, views, opinions in our closet but also give out spare keys of trust to people and glue them to our hearts. And Each day, Some part of our Castle gets some cracks, yet we keep Building on our Life.

That's how it works. That's the way Life goes on.

In Life, we can be either of two. A Lover, Or a Loser.
And it is us who has gotta decide where we fall into.
Bad experiences, misfortunes and Failures never would tag us as loser. When we take credits for success and luck, it is equally fair and right that we take ownership of our mistakes and pitfalls.
That is, if we value our Lives and yes, if we don't want to be LOSER.

If we don't want to get lost in the chaotic vacuum by tiny misleading trifles, it is really Best to have a BIG HEART, Big enough to forgive ourselves, accept the way we are and the ways we feel, know our own mistakes and shortcomings and still continue to love oneself. 

You rarely get acknowledged when you are right, But your imperfections would never go unnoticed.
Some just get high watching you go down, taunt you, make you feel unfit for anything.
You will find people in counselor outfit at your doorstep, Arrows being shot at your lights, Criticisms digging your grave, And it seems the easy way to go in silence and lie on the ground and get buried, the sooner the better.

Everybody dies, today or tomorrow. And be Forgotten. Nobody lives forever.

But then, If there is something you could say that it is yours and it is your own Right, it is your own LIFE!

You don't need to put on a Fight; Or SCREEAAMM at the crowd.
Remember, You are a Dreamer, Not screamer; A Lover, Not loser.

Be the Better, Not necessarily the greater.
Show some Acceptance, not always Grievance.
And Never shut down your lights and never ever shrink into darkness.

Live. Love. And Live again.