July 29, 2010


     We are so much sticked in our own shoes that we just cant put ourselves in others'.

     After done with the appreciations and wishes on getting through a selection process, a friend said to me, "I know! You must have worn your color contacts to get the panel's attention". Though i reasoned out that i wear contacts normally and i don't even believe in luck and looks cant even have a mention, he didn't seem to accept it. The conversation ended there. 

     I know. It's just one of those insignificant instances in life, that rather seem to bring out the fact that every one of us have that "insignificant" slump in our hearts. 

     The question of the decade : WHO ARE WE TO DECIDE ON THE REASONS OF OTHERS?

   The moment you narrate some incident or action of yours, there would be many eyes that would evaluate you and many minds that would try to classify you, but only one ear, which is of yours, that would be hearing what you actually speak. And, not to deny, none is exceptional in this case, Just admitting the fact that we apply our minds for others too.

     We are just shallow in our reasons for others' ways, yet we say that we have OUR-OWN-GOOD-REASONS, which unfortunately would be met with the same face valuing by others.

Too much fiddling around heh.. 

     Well, We are just being what we see as complicated way. 
Why not just have things basic and simple.
Rather than tightening our noose, why not just let people have their way with their reasons and just acknowledging them, and leaving it to them to talk truth or show fake.
Why not let our ears listen to what they actually tell, rather than hearing what we expect that they should be telling.

     My phone rang. I picked up and the voice said, "I know why you didn't respond me last night. You are just over-acting". Wishing that i hadn't used my phone this time too, i replied, "Good thing you know". The reply, "I can see through people" and i replied, "sure you can" and kept the phone down. Can't even see what i see normally, then why such attitudes of seeing through people.

     Yep, never tolerate such attitudes and put yourself through paces. The previous content (in blue color) applies in the contra-way. If someone blocks you with their presumed mind-set, then let them do. After-all, it's better to ignore rather than bell the cat in trying to make our views sound.
     Let's feel our simple minds in our bonds.

Dream. Live. Cherish.

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