July 19, 2010


Sometimes, and many a times,
You feel hurt, You could feel the disappointment within yourself raising within.
You want to cry out loud, Yet you don't hear your own voice.
You want to be listened and consoled, Yet you think that none could understand you.
You feel left out and segregated, Yet you feel that you don't belong to the normal world.
You feel angry and irritated often, Yet you don't have a way to control.
You are desperate and helpless, Yet you don't see anyone who could help.

   Well, i would say, ENOUGH OF THIS!
   I know that many can relate this to themselves, and i admit honestly that i am one such person. I have a lot of instances where i had felt that i have reached the end. But there are few people, i would say God-sent, who help me, should say KICK me out of such attitude. I have few friends, who make sure that i don't give up or become hopeless and that i stay positive, and my Bestie, who diverts my mind at all times. And there is Me, who think that challenges can be tried and difficulties can be crossed, since it is a way to feel the real happiness and also who don't want to disappoint the minds that care and hearts that love.

Now, Time to tell few keys to note, and hopefully try impress them in mind, for the betterment of oneself.

#1:First and foremost, There is nothing to feel unique or special about yourself cos' of such "sometimes" feel. This is how the EGO of your depression creeps in.
#2:Anger and tears don't go a long way. You either end up losing your loved ones through anger or your own sane mind through tears.
#3:Understand yourself. Start trusting and motivating yourself. When you don't feel good about yourself, don't expect anything from anyone else. All you deserve and will get is sympathy. True Friends give you a sharp slap (not literally) to make you move on.
#4: These are times when you miss out the vision and voice of true love and care and  your mind searches specifically only for negativity. Blame yourself if you feel negative, not the world. 
#5: THE IMPORTANT!! You may fail N number of times and You may be put to slanders and criticisms, Just ignore and move on with your inner self-confidence. You become a LOSER, not when others think bad of you but when you have given up on youself.

   I am not THE-PERFECT-OPTIMIST. I had felt such things and i might feel negative in future too. And my mood swings are highly variable. But i just know one thing, I will survive at all costs. 

   This writing is dedicated for friends who wants to move on in life no-matter-what and for myself who has to remember that words said are words done. :-) 

Dream. Live. Cherish.

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