July 17, 2010


    After a long time of being stuck in the hectic mess of straightening the path to the next level of life, muddled suggestions and foreseeing nothing but blankness, i am now living the break-free time of life.. Yay! :D
       Though i have lined up serious subject books on my table, I intend to while away time simply.. NO, wait, Let me rephrase it.. I intend to spend time for myself in my own sphere. :-)
      My mom leaves home for work at 9a.m. everyday. So, what probable acts would a simple normal girl do?? The suggestions received:

#1: Go freaking out with friends.
          Great idea, but none around at the moment.
#2: Sneak out with boyfriend.
          Nah.. not interested.
#3: Do some serious study for forth-coming tests.
          Are you kidding??!!
#4: Movies.. torrent, glued on couch with pop-corns. 
          Sorry, Am not movie buff.
#5: SLEEP! 
          :D Goes with saying.

Well, This is my very own MY WORLD!

    My lappy - a connect to the outer world and planets, Networking with co-aliens and co-superhumans
    My tunes - through my system and mobile (used as a phone rarely). Sings to me all through the day, from making me dance to the instant i drift to sleep.
  My readables - Fictionising, Fantasizing, Thrilling and Actioning the frequency of the scenario.
   My silvery journal, holds all my silent thoughts and light feelings, with random musings and non-stop ramblings included.
   My cybershot - Though i am not much passable when it comes to techy details of photography, my passion for capturing moments never rest.
   And my heavenly pillow, smooth enough to take me to a calm phase of mind.

     Though i am all alone throughout the day and have no real work to do, i have companions that don't let the devils of  loneliness or depression to creep in.

   After all, joy and happiness depend, not on the things happening, but on the way you want to feel and actually do so.

Dream. Live. Cherish.


manjunath said...

hai,saw ur blog while passing through others.,iam new to blogging,what should i do other than writing blogs

vini said...

well.. just keep your mind open and pen down whatever u get a feel on.. :-)

Vijay said...

I guess I can relate to some things you put in your blog, relating to a quest for answers, as once I was a there too in the same spot:)!!

vini said...

:-) cool.. and thanks a lot for dropping in here..

Vijay said...

The words "frozenimpressions" caught my eye when I saw the link on facebook! Got curious clicked on it and started reading, intersting blog for sure:)! So howz your job search going? Heard your awaiting placement?

Lil Miss Sunshine said...

I was in the same situation too...
Mom used to leave by 9:00..
and then I used to watch TV ;)

The social networking wasnt such an In thing back then!

guy alone said...

interesting post...totally agree with the last line..nice blog :)

vini said...

@Lil Miss Sunshine: Tv sure is a good companion, be it an idiot-box or not.

@guy alone: Happy that you like it.