August 1, 2010


     "Aunt wants you to come for the movie too", she said for the fifth time. I said, "no mood, you carry on". She started, "But you will. . ." I replied before she could finish, "No No No and that's final".
Damn! I hate it. 
      No, not people convincing me about something by asking me repeatedly. That comes second. I hate it totally when someone cut short before one could finish voicing out their opinions. In short, what i did exactly sometime back.

     We lend our ears indefinitely to some Tom Dick and Harry even if we feel like hitting their face and shutting them up, but we would be dead patient to avoid any uncomfy situation. Yet when it comes to someone close to heart, we would block their voice in the mid, shout our ideas, argue without knowing the topic. . We will reason our behavior as taking-rights-with-friends-and-family and being frank with close ones. But, Guess what this indicates.
     Temporary acute deafness syndrome! 

     Even aurally challenged persons would whole-heartedly hear whatever others are trying to say.

     And there are some who show other signs of TADS (put up with my acronyms :-P) too. For instance, the subject B in following conversation.

A: Maybe you should try to do it this way. *concerned and worried*
B: Noo, not possible. *dull tone*
A: Try to stay positive first. *Stern voice*
B: No use dude. Leave it. *indifference*
A: You are just not trying. *desperately trying to make the other see sense*
B: Big deal. Won't make a difference. *rather resigned to fate*

     I had been in the places of both A and B, i know how it irritates one when being the A as if we are trying to make the walls hear us and also when being the deafie.

     Wonder if God regrets on seeing the hearing ability in wrong hands. . I mean, Wrong ears.

     But there is one cure for this illness. Well, not exactly cure, but a positive way of being deaf.

     The talks of your loved ones include, not only the subject, but also the tones of love, care, trust, concern and all sweet stuffs. Maybe if we try to decode the patterns of their tones and extracting the affections it instead of cutting them short and stopping them, it would actually build us strong.

     This doesn't mean that we should agree and obey. Just acknowledging the concern.
     The strength in your heart would be built by such voices of concern and will show the resistance to criticisms aimed at us.

     Again, after half an hour, "Aunt thinks that you need a break. And you could interact with her too, would be a good time." 

     Well, Mom does give me second chances.
     All the same, my answer was negative but i let her talk. After all, it feels good to know the care shown on me. :-)

Let's find the hidden love in this world. :-)


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