July 12, 2010

In-the-Box Questions

There are certain things when put forth as questions are quite unanswerable, not because of any intricate details are involved but because they are so simple that we cannot gauge neither the dimension of the perception in which the question was put forth nor the range of acceptance of the reply made.

The funny part of such questions is that though we very well know about the subject, we dont intend to give a direct answer, which rarely exists, and though we give a reply that is good enough it still doesn't suffice cos' it may not be the one that is expected out of, eventhough the fact remains that one cannot know or guess at the least, the other's frame of mind.

Following are few of the many (in many more) which make me think and go blank before i give a vague answer..

  • Tell about yourself.. (huh!! what exactly about me??)
  • what do you like?? (many!! which one u want me to tell??)
  • Are you good?? (YES OFCOURSE!! Well, i think so.. Perhaps you should be more specific.. :| )
  • why are you friends with him/her?? (why??!! never knew freindship should have a reason.. :s)
  • Are you in love/do you love?? (in what or who??!)
  • What do you dream about?? (you mean, my intentional dreams or the unintentional ones???)
  • What have you accomplished till now?? (first rank?? first place?? certificates??? Life is supposed to be lived.. not benchmarked and achieved..)
Well.. Simple enough..
No scientific theories or technical explanations needed..
No need of Google or Encyclopedia..
No need to research and discover anything..

The answer, we all know.. Yet the answer we give is neither self-satisfactory nor accepted whole-heartedly by the questioning mind.

Funny things.. Funny people.. Funny world.. :D

Dream. Live. Cherish.


Inspired Robin said...

Interesting blog post. I really think this was a stand out part "Life is supposed to be lived.. not benchmarked and achieved..."

I totally agree with it, and it's not about what you've done in life, it's about what you've done with what you have. Furthermore, simply achieving for the sake of approval is a shallow victory. It is much more rewarding to achieve and do for what your soul is begging for. Good post.

Secondly, thank you for visiting my blog and commenting!

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vini said...

exactly.. shallow victory.. many are just concerned about the material success that they forget to admire and appreciate the simple beautiful things in life.

thanks a lot for sharing your precious mind. :-)