July 15, 2010


    There are seven Wonders in this world and many hundreds that have a place in the Hall of fame. Yet, Being in this world for two decades, i haven't made it to even one.

    However, i have been to places that are not globally famous and may not be a wonderland.. But what matters is the good feel you get on being at such places, accompanied by the pride of being one of the luckiest people on earth to have been there and to be able to admire the awesomeness of the thing.

   It is about one such place which i am gonna pen down further.
Location::Chennai, TamilNadu, India.

   The place, humble as well as discreet, is located in the heavy-traffic area of Porur-Guindy road, In Memory of the soldiers of the Second World War.

    I went there along with my friend at around 6p.m., the same time when we learnt that the visiting time closes by 5p.m.  But the caretaker was sweet to let the two excited kids standing at his doorstep in.. Goodness do comes with the atmosphere i suppose.. :-)

     We started to walk around the place and within seconds, we were filled with total love and respect for the place and we could sense presence of every element - Silence, Beauty, Respect, Honour, Patriotism and Pride.

     As we were seeing the inscriptions, we were filled with both shock and awe on looking at the names listed in early twenties.
"Young blood, Charged up..
Set out with arms in hand,
Stood against the enemy forces in land.. "
     I had read such lines in my prose in schooling days, without the knowledge of existence of such hearts then and now the examples staring at me now.

       Years have passed and are passing by, yet people are seen to engage themselves in many activities that range from mortal quest for material treasures to the noble intent of helping fellow people. But these hearts belong to a completely different hub. Just the sole Responsibility that was born from the pure love for their land in mind, Yet made their lives reach the level of immortality.

      All these years of having successful family members and powerful icons as role models, i can feel the real inspiration this time from those who are not my role-models or whom i had known as a person.

    With the beauty of place and the respect for the souls impressed in mind, we left the place INSPIRED!

Dream. Live. Cherish.

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