July 21, 2010


   "Is it LOVE?" If you had asked her then, the answer would have been "yes, definitely!!". A positive affirmation from the girl who had entered into teens.

   She was a perfect tom-boyish kind, short hair, her usual attire being jeans and tee with the exception of her school uniform, plays cricket with guys and does wild stunts.

   He was a nice kind, tall and handsome, a bit messy hair and a charming smile, had a great fan following.

   The first sight was at the playground. Few girls were playing catch-me, few chit-chatting, some doing work-outs and some in serious tennis practice. She was in the basket-ball court, trebling the ball, along with two other girls.
   There was a raise in volume of girls' voices and she took her eyes off the ball to notice him cross the court and looking directly at her. But she was not interested then and continued playing.

   From then on, whenever their paths crossed they noticed each other and her mates started teasing and exciting her.
    She started liking him, maybe cos' he was good-looking, or maybe cos' he was famous or maybe cos' she thought he liked her a lot.
And many differences could be noticed in her ways.

   She looked at herself in mirror many times a day, became conscious about her looks, did makeover whenever she got time, and consciously dressed talked walked and acted like a perfect girl.

   Though they noticed each other many times a day, they never once approached or talked and she didn't mind that cos' she thought talking in real did not matter much in love.
   The last day came, and it was his last day of schooling.
   She bought a best-wishes card and waited for him at the main gate. Three hours passed but there was no sight of him.
   She thought that he wouldn't have left without a good-bye. She returned back home disappointed but she was  confident that he would contact her somehow.
   Two days later, her friend casually commented that he was in relationship with a girl for past two years and he must have played around with his looks.
   For a moment, everything stopped for her. She put the phone down.

    She cried, cried and cried, maybe cos' she was hurt or maybe cos' she was fooled or maybe cos' everything turned out to be a lie.

    She looked at the mirror and there, she saw another lie. She saw someone who had lost her real identity and individuality.

    She got back to her real-self. Almost eight years have passed and she had one or two celebrity crushes but didn't fall in love with anyone and she denied the proposals she received. But she still haven't forgotten him and those days. She hated for what a person he had been, but then, after-all he had taught her the difference between infatuation and love. She also learnt the importance of being genuine and having character and good attitude.

    "Was it love?" If you ask me now, I would say "NO WAY!!". 
    I am still not the perfect girl, still referred as a tom-boy and stand somewhere in midway between being cool and having girlish ways. It doesn't bother me cos' i feel real and genuine.
Being ME rocks! :-) 

Dream. Live. Cherish.

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