April 26, 2012


There are different kinds of books, Those that guide you in Life, those that get you self introspecting, those that make you emotional, those that inspire you, those that receive your admiration and love, And even some that get you snoring over the book.

I am, though a vivid reader and in company of some novel all the time, not the literary expert. Pure fiction lover, with a happy ending note.

The day when Daniel (in the story) chose the "Shadow of the Wind by Julian Carax" from the cemetry of forgotten books and got adopted by the same, I was sure that similar fate awaited me with "The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruis Zafon".
Every day, when i touch the book and read and live through the words, I feel (and still remember the feel) a unique sense of belonging.

Proud Owner Of the Masterpiece.

Every morning I would rush to the bus, get myself a comfortable corner seat and dive into the world.
Every Night, till late I would turn through the pages and stay glued to the book with a fatal attraction.
And Every time there would be a regretful act of closing the book with a rude snap from the Trance.

Furthermore, I would catch myself going reverse in pages, sometimes to reread and get a full feel of the moments, and other times out of fear of missing the lines and in turn the feel.

Basically, all of us dread a disappointment, a betrayal of perfection, in every story be it a movie or a book. Similarly even i was bound by the fear of losing the love for the book, which i had been garnering for days, to the climax.
But then I wouldn't have asked for more apt end than this.

Even a week after the final showdown, I still feel that I am walking through the streets of  Spanish Downtown, hand in hand with Daniel, Carax, Fermin, Sempere and others. And I just don't stop from taking the book and skimming through my favourite conversations over a cup of tea.
All i know is that the book has got me right well, And I have built a new world to relive.

As for the REVIEW, Carlos has done a beautiful work in portraying each and every character, making a sketch in our minds.
His Choice of words is a class apart and keeps the life in the story going on and even after the story is over.
The book keeps us bound to it with the events of twists and turns and ties a knot with our Hearts making it to render to each character.

Just as Carlos pointed out, this story is more like a split of one thing into million reflections, a fission of one story into thousands. Every turn of a page we discover smiles as well as tears, Joy as well as heaviness.

This may have been an exaggerated review for few, but then it is purely my take of the Book and I would recommend to anyone coming across.

Fiction lovers out there, You will just Love it. And Do give me a Hi-five below if you have been nodding all along the way.
Also, If any of you have similar bondings with some book in your lives then mention it below. :-) Who knows, I would also create another world of it. 


Bhuvana said...

I love the way u have admired the book ... yes ... i have seen you reading it without sleeping in nights.......... I also feel like reading it now.

Deepak Raj said...

As usual another masterpiece. :) Love the way how u give life to these lines.

Vinithra. said...

@Bhuvana: A must read. Do try. :)

@Deepak: Thanks. :)