May 4, 2012


One Complete week with the book, which left me with so many questions as well as many answers.
All the while, from the start till the end, reading the book, I was clouded by the thought whether I should have my Faith On or not.

I Believe in God, more like a Super Power who directs our Lives, no particular choices or religions. I am Firm in my own beliefs of Spirituality, which had been under the disdain of some on many grounds of Practicality of World.

Seriously, What is characterised as "Practical"? That which happens in Present, Right in front of our Eyes, which is bound to have Evidence and exist as a common Belief? Not exactly so. Many are actually dreading to think beyond the Horizons owing to this misconception, and have given the terms for the as "far-fetched" and "illogical".

All the same, Reincarnation though I might have had ideas about it to be true but then when presented with proofs, I am having mixed thoughts.
As the Author says, Life would become much Simpler if we just Believe in the Things that has been Said in the Book. However, Believing Things just to make Life easier as a way of absconding from everyday Trifles doesn't sound Right.

I Believe that one has to Learn things in One's own way. I'm not rejecting the concept altogether, I'm just making a Promise to the Masters, Guardian Spirits and to myself that if not Now, within this Lifetime, I ll keep my Mind Open and Learn as much as I can.

The Book, A complete Spiritual Guide, a Good Read and a True Medicine for those facing Dead Ends, Though I must warn beforehand that If sarcasm and narrow thinking be your hold then keep it to yourself cos' Your own Trust, not this Book, is the Key always to unlock your Mind.

And If you plan to start with the book, then be open to the views and be inspired of the thoughts along the spiritual journey.
I can assure you that the enlightening thoughts penned down in the book will be a Torch during the Dark tunnel phases of Life.

As for me, I might give a re-read after certain span of time. Belief and Faith, on whatever be it, takes Time and Maturity to become firm and Stable. Balance can be attained only through Trust, Sensibility and Knowledge.

"By Knowledge, We Reach God." - Brian Weiss, Many Lives Many Masters.

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