April 16, 2012

A Broken Feather, And With it I would Write a Love Song.

Scuba Diving!

If I hadn't gotten  myself into certain commitments, who knows, I might have gone exploring the lost sunken worlds in oceans, and measuring the depths of Blue Universe. Commitments, something which we tend to avoid at all costs, for the Fear of responsibilities. Though unknowingly, we tend to drag many to ourselves.

I remember this girl from my school. Her entire Life then revolved around a single word, Dance. But her life didn't quite turn out the way which many, almost all of them who knew her back then, had envisioned.

Life keeps changing. Unpredictable moments come and go by. Diverted journeys. Lost people. Misleading views. Confusing mirages. 

One of the favourite conversations that i pick up with people is getting them to casually talk about their forgotten lives. It is something which i could share in common with anybody in the world. A Broken wing.
Their indefinite love for the same would be much evident in the way they start expressing themselves. Some sort of Trance. But before they finish talking about it, they fear of regret and losing the cool would cloud their minds.

Bird-Watch, NL.

Well, all of us have some regret, And it is certainly not the mistake of ourselves or any of the decisions we made.
It is actually Human Nature. 
I'm unsure of terming it with an apt word. (Suggestions welcome.) We could for now describe as Curiosity coupled with a positive imagination. Confused right? 

Here is the thing. We are never wholly satisfied with our present, and we try to ponder over our past as to where we had taken the turn that landed us here, And analyse the alternate turns and the differences it would have made.
Funnily, Our optimistic mind comes into action, imagining the best situation, probably with a high presence of the one or few things amiss the current reality.

Sometimes, I find myself regretting on Life. And Sometimes, Letting things happen in the "destined" way without much concern on practicality. But then, I suppose, Whatever happens, We must be self-forgiving, patient, and Strong to keep walking on.

As for the girl, I am unaware of her inner feelings, though she has managed to survive the broken dream, lost love and a regretful decision. And the best thing, she still wears the million dollar smile on her face.
Now that's what I would call INSPIRING!

Long way to go. Inner Joy helps.

Find Happiness and Joy in everyday Life, Cos' this Life is also a "Positive Dream", the dream of the Turn we really took.

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