April 4, 2012


A fine breezy evening. A lonely walk to the nearby park. 
I sat on the swing, loneliness seems to be overwhelming. Emptiness within me overflowing and spreading around.
I saw the empty swing beside, the usual occupant being her.

Ah, Those sound moments. Non-stop talks and silly laughs. 
I just don't understand.
After all those fights we had, How could a small fight like this. . , ummm.. what was it actually about? Damn it is true, the more we carry on a fight, the anger remains but the cause goes forgotten. What's the point of fighting now!

Whatever. She could have said the word. One word. 5 letters. How much difficult would it be.
And why am i bothered. Why am i even thinking about it.

But, Is she thinking the same way?
All the same, Is she really the girl i knew as my best friend, the girl who stood near my bedroom door twenty years back, looking at me, waiting for me to invite her over so that we could complete the toy house building set, which started the decade long friendship?

Did the four year gap change her so much?
Lot of questions kept popping up, the more i thought about it.
Nevertheless, Am i actually angry or sad? Angry, that she has blown up a small issue so big and never bothered to apologise. Sad, that I behaved more or less the same way.

Funny, How Adolescence makes us more practical and calculative. Less forgiving and cold-hearted.

I got up and started.
This is it. 
If "sorry" is what the ISSUE needed, then let me give the word, but i am just not going to give her, who means more than what the word means to me.

Ego and Pride, Screw you! Just don't make me "think" like that again.

As i reached the gate, I saw her.

"She was standing near the door, looking at me, waiting for me to invite her, which started everything. . . "

She smiled, illuminating the lamp within me again, this time with a much brighter indomitable glow.
We started walking together.

"Hey, where is the sorry you owe me?", A Voice called.
I smiled and replied, "Well, who are you? And what is that?".


mak's corner said...

And ausum sweet touchy story... Nicely written.

bhuvana said...

good story ... well framed.. good work.. keep writing more stories like this :) ...

bhuvana said...
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tanvi said...

sweet story .. very beautifully capturing the essence of letting the ego go for the person who certainly matters more !

agame said...

Lovely!!! :)

Vinithra. said...

Thanks all. :)