April 1, 2012

A PERSISTENT DREAM. And How my blog is heading to a Crash.

I Kept bungling my mind, (Not the right word for searching wide thorough), Something like tearing apart a place and finding nothing and standing in the middle of the mess and thinking where would i have placed it.

That's exactly how i feel.

No matter how i try to keep up my blog going, yes I'm talking about BLOGGING for a change, I just couldn't.
I am devoid of substance.

Content. Something which i'm passionate about. Something that I have been pulled into. Something I like talking about. And something I'm good at and enjoy doing.
Something which is usually called as "Interests".

Some are real fortunate to have their passions as career.
And Some, still exploring the horizons.

When i started this blog, I liked talking about it and in it. I babbled about all random stuffs. Alas, Randomness maybe me but not my interest.
For a three odd year existence, a Hit it would have been, only if it had been focussed and directional.
Quite Obvious, Nobody likes straying about a maze, just to get lost and find nothing.

My Passions, No clue as of yet.

Dreams are intended to surface in reality someday or the other, Else the memories would make you feel lost, more than ever.

Got constraints or blocks in your hobbies, then there comes your sense of reasoning. Once you know that you have got it right, then make it right.
Life is too short to be walked in dead leaves. 
Memories are great, only when they are of sound moments and not of your unspoken wishes.

I kept my blog generic cos' i was and still unsure of my genre. Well come on, i can't talk of politics or society. Though i have views of my own, i feel that certain topics must be kept to yourself.

Anyways, I will keep looking for it. And as for this space, I'm happy about it's sheer existence, and on my word, I intend to make it a better place to hang out. :-)

Till then, More randomness and Much Life.