April 2, 2012


Well, this post may stand to justify my obsession with solitude/space, the attitude which many have felt in me as "THE ATTITUDE" which shouts "Leave me alone, I am not wasting my time with you".
May not justify, but at the same time that's how i am.

Everyone are self-centered in one way or the other, working or living for something in their life. The thing for which they want to dedicate every grey cell, every tick and tock of the clock. It is the way they express their love to life. Be it music, writing or any other hobby, sleeping, travelling, friends, Love, Family, Personal whims, Freedom, Self, Anything be it.
And that way is something that distinguishes one from the other, giving the person an unique identity and a profound love for Life. 

One of the reasons why we are much concerned about our passions and don't sacrifice for anything, It is not just intrusion of our space, but an act of stealing or in worst case, burying alive our identities, in the name of affection or call it whatsoever.

Simple try. Just imagine your most priced thing in your life, A Person or a possession, or a Feeling, or your career, something for which you have a respect for your own life. And Imagine someone offering something that will change your life in a good way though at the compensation of your possession.
I don't know about most of you out there, but i wont do it. Cos' i have already buried most of my dreams and wishes on the account of "betterment of life" words of "wisdom" "offered" by many, who have gone in my life yet the burials are engraved with my past dreams. 
Ya, those double quotes ("") for words denote sarcasm.

Life is short, Don't ask me how much, but it is better to live tomorrow with a fresh feel, than regretting about the today's undone stuff. 
And I treat others the same way. If they have a private world and they intend to block it from trespassers, I don't think that it's a good idea to jump over the fence and tread on their property just for the sake of the thrill of it or the curiosity. 

Respect one's identity. 
Share your own interests. Work together. 
Give space. Value Privacy/Secrecy.

Love exists, Not in the big words or the overrated ideals, But in every small expression we show.


StarSriram said...

A good thought to share :) Human brain is complicated. We all see the same thing differently. Believe in your thought strongly and be flexible to change, if it requires a change since not all situations will be as the same as we expected. (Just a suggestion from me) After all we are all in to this live expecting for the unexpected every part of it ... Isn't it.

Vini, keep sharing. Its all awesome :)

Nelson said...

Was a silent reader of this blog long ago. Left blog-reading and blogging as well. Now in a revamp trial, saw ur blog in my feed. Nice to know that u r still writing.

/// this post is mixture of things! what if i have unknowingly traded my possession? can't get "her" back right??

Vinithra. said...

@Sriram, That was a nice thought from you. Flexibility is one of the reasons for survival. And Thanks for presence. :-)

@Nelson: Firstly, Even i am making a sort of come back. :)
Second, Life keeps offering you chances and choices. Just keep your mind open. Nothing goes out or comes into life unknowingly. And Best thing, Dont think about the past.

Abu said...

Nice topic and your thoughts on the subject.
Surely, we most of the times do compromise or are made to. But, its important that we draw lines...