August 11, 2010


     This is one of the most common feel which i rather mask it all the time.
     Brace yourselves, here comes the description with my own unique UNBEARABLE way of expressing things. The feeling goes likes this.

     It would be as though the seismic waves are spreading within you that you find yourself shaking at a richter scale of 9, your stomach gets tightened and your heart plays the skip-rope, you would feel like crying out loud  yet, you wanna laugh like crazy too. You wanna be left alone but you would find yourself talking a lot. You want to sleep but rather you feel like dancing mad. If there were any witness for the extremity of such a feeling of yours, you would certainly be mistaken for a neuro patient. Phew. 

     Well, this is how one, well i for one, would feel so at times of tension combined with some excitement. For instance, when results for whatever it might be are expected to come, when you are going on a date for the first time, on the night prior to the day of your marriage. And, when you are selected for a job and waiting for the call. And furthermore, all your friends except for you have received the calls and you are still waiting, waiting and waiting, to get to know your location and joining date. 

     All i am doing right now is praying for a good location, along with my friend and getting some confusing varying thoughts like, how the hell i got missed out, what if my resume had stuck to its neighbours or flown away when the window was kept open,. . . 

     And more mad thoughts like, whether was it real or had i been dreaming that i got really selected by the company and i am trying to focus whether did it really happen or were it my illusion. . .

      And interfering ones like, what if i get posted in a separate place with no friends and in new locality. . 

     Oh god.. let this get over soon. Cos' am really really going too mad about it..

     At such times, i write down, which i am doing right now and which would be saved in drafts till i format it. And then, listen to music or say aal izz well,Which i might have learnt this from a bollywood movie but trust me, it sure works. 

     Moreover, The world is in need of me. Okay, sorry for that overkill. But there are people out there who is probably going nerve wreck over this silly call letter issue. 

     These are times when you need to feel positive without any reason so that you could pass on some positive energy to others and help them feel a bit better, which is a better alternative than chorusing with them the "mee-too, boohoo" song.
Time to get back to work.

     I had written this post, last week, when my friends, except for 4 or 5 including me, didn't get the call. While everyone else were frustrated and were acting tensed, i was actually feeling mad initially but i got this idea of writing down the scene since i would not be able to recreate the exact feel, unless otherwise it happens again and i get to remember to pen down. Also, writing it down provided a way to relieve the tension and also it would later sound funny whenever i read it. I still didn't get the call yet, but then, AAL IZZ WELL!! :-)

As i said before,
Time to get back to work.
Cherio. :-)


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