August 2, 2010

Am a savior!!

     I glanced at my watch for the tenth time (didn't count but felt like too many times). Half past eleven in the morning. "She should have been here couple of hours before. Mom said so. Well, God save her from the wrath of mom", i thought irritatedly. 

     Mom is one person who can't tolerate insincerity when it comes to work. She works so hard and serious that she expects the same from others too. I suppose that i am the only person in this whole world who gets to escape from the tight rope of her intolerance factor.

     I am too lazy for words. But i complete the given work somehow, mostly by working throughout the 24hrs the last moment. Also honesty, i guess, has passed onto me by mom. 
Which means that except me everyone else, from my sis till the servant maid, would be under supervision all around the clock.

     Which also meant that the maid is gonna face some bad time sooner. 

     Our maid. She has been working at my home for almost ten years and she must be 50-something now yet she is quite adamant on continuing despite the requests from mom and gran to quit owing to her age. She has to support the whole family till her grandchildren, not to go into the details of her sons and daughters having employment problems. So her assigned works got reduced to the basic ones. 
She has been good, except for her skipping the chores lately. 

     I sighed and glanced my watch again.

     Mom would be calling me any moment asking about her.
What do i tell her? 
I neither want to lie, nor want to get the maid in trouble. 

     Duh! These are one of those scenes where you don't wanna get involved. I remember such situations before.

     Once i had lied to family for a cousin by telling some stupid lie as he asked me to and once i had told the truth which landed one of my friends in punishments, and both the times, i had a headlong dive into some trouble. Small things do land me in trouble and moreover i want to avoid any uncomfortable situations at home even if i am not involved. Such scenes disturb my sleep. :|

     Wish mom had forgotten. Or wish the maid had talked to mom and things were sorted out. Or wish mom doesn't call me. Or wish.. Huh, am running out of alternative escapades.
Damn, Why should i get involved in something so purposeless and something that has nothing for me to act on, yet my conscience and mind is at work cos' of that "nothing".

     My phone rang. 
"oh oh"
Mom: hello, is everything fine at home?
Me: Yep.
Mom: Want anything for the evening?
Me: Nope. Nothing.
Mom: ok. Did the maid come?
Me: *there it comes* Ummm.. Err..
Mom: Well??? Did she or not??
Me: Well, she didn't. but then, i took a nap sometime back. She might have dropped in then. Don't know.
Mom: oh okay. see you in the evening. Take care.
Me: Yep.

     Phew. Guess that did fine. Neutral. 

     The maid did come in the evening and finished her work and left, before mom arrived.
Good work i did by earning her some extra time. Tomorrow there wont be any stern voices that would wake me up. 

I saved the day.. well, atleast saved someone from a tough time. :-) Peace. 



Md. Muddassir Shah said...

Your maid must be glad to have sum1 like you :)

vini said...

ha ha.. :-) Can say that..
Thanks for dropping in..