August 15, 2010


     Birthday - The day when you find and feel every single element of your existence special.

     I very well remember that special feel. Huh! Did i say "remember"? Now the Storyline can be guessed correctly.

     My 20 birthdays were more than perfect. Frilly fairy frocks and lovely apparels, new shoes and shiny accessories, Big chocolate (My favie) Cake, gold crepe wrapped and ribbon tied gifts, Chocolates, Yummy items, Evening parties, Rainbow colors, Sunshines, Brightness, Smiles, Joy and happiness.

     And these cute things define, represent and mean the concept of Birthday to my eyes.
     I held these close to my heart, see to it that these fill my day, consider these as the top prioritized ones, made myself special and also made sure that everyone see me special on my day, which resulted in the day becoming the best in the year of the world.

     Until the transition happened.
     Sometimes, life presents us with difficult choices. One such is the choice between joy and truth.
Joy of coloring a single day with vibrant colors and truth of remaining days under grey scale.

     Birthday is the one day that stands for the year of life.
     Does that mean that one day spread the radiance for every other day of the year?
     Should i live the remaining 364/5 days under the memory of a single best day?

     Then, formed a new and a more meaningful context for birthdays - The day when An Awesome worth-living purposeful year of life, is self-appreciated by raising a toast for the value of our existence in this world.

     When our lives are greatly valued by ourselves, by our contributions to our life as well as to the world, we feel the worth of living. And we can feel the real celebrations on our birthdays.

     I would rather buy myself a Cindrella frock along with a little girl who has been dreaming of a piece of cloth for years. I will have a candle-lit dinner along with those who work with heart and soul without knowing their next-meal existence for certain. I will lit a candle in my cake whenever the light could illuminate some part of someone's journey. Hence making every day of the year as MY-OWN-DAY!

     I am over-whelmed by the wishes and prayers that i received for my life on my day. With that as my light and hold in life, A long path has been laid. 

     If i am asked to describe myself with a single word, my reply would be DREAMER.
And, Dreamers are supposed to be PASSIONATE ACHIEVERS and not just fictional contributors.

     Why celebrate a day for oneself, when one can celebrate every single day with the whole world. .

Lighting my birthday candles with smiles of the world.



A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

vini, u r a very sensitive as well as a sensible person... err dreamer! Go on girl, u got some lively thoughts!


A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...
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vini said...

Hey restless,

Thanks for your wishes and the push which i really need..
And thank you for dropping in here.


A Restless Mind With A Sensitive Heart! said...

u welcome! write something! waiting!

vini said...

Well, me working on it.
Why don't you check out my photoblog in the meantime?
You will find the link on the main page. :-)


Sana Castellano said...

Love how u have put this : Joy of coloring a single day with vibrant colors and truth of remaining days under grey scale.

=) Yes, let's celebrate everyday. And still make our birthday even more special. I like Cinderella frocks like anything.!


Jas said...

You are so right! What a wonderful way to look at your birthday.

Isha Shiri said...

I saw your visit to my blog "One day and two days ..." and I visit you too.
- Anniversary: "The lights of the candles are like the light of Divine wisdom and your life will be full of it. This is my desire."


vini said...

@Sana: Glad you like that line. . :-)
And yea, lets celebrate everyday..

@Jas : Thanks for dropping in here.. :-)

@Isha: A good one.. :-) Thanks..