August 12, 2010


     I looked myself at the mirror. Not impressive but all the same, somewhat bearable. Wonder how come some are gifted with beauty, the pure and intense beauty. Even if they had been the God's messengers in previous birth, i don't think i would come under the bad lot. 

     I hear people appreciating my looks, only lately. I have heard worse comments about my appearance before.
     Nevertheless, it doesn't matter to me a bit. It just stands to prove that how much people consider appearances. 

     I understand the importance of inner beauty and always aware of the line that "there is more to it than what you see". I do appreciate external beauties but i never do judge their hearts for their looks. For me, after all these days of witnessing characters of purpose, my heart is always in search of the genuine minds even if they were hidden under a tattered hat.

     But then, i can't expect goodness to find me in the same way. And my friends especially my Bestie, for whom i am the beauty queen of the world, don't mind about my appearance since they know me well. But i want the people of the world to connect with me and hear me out and feel fine with me, for which i don't want external presentation to be a barrier.
     Appearance do have an impact, especially for free-spirited souls like me. I don't want anything to get missed out when i wanna fly high and explore the yonder

     I have to admit that i look better, better than how i looked two years back, though i should confess that it had taken and still taking a hell lot of works, that involved and still involve pains in achieving something that i dream of, yet i might not be entitled to it. 

     I am someone who is into fantasies and miracles, believing in myself being the angel of the stories. But Cindrella, of whatever be the story, is supposed to look, not just good, but purely beautiful. 
     I call myself as Mother Nature's child, and it sure holds true. Since the day i became a bit sensible and a person who holds onto beliefs and self-made ideals, i never let go of some unreal beliefs. Whenever i fall sick or get hurt, i believe in Mom Nature to heal me, which i say as Natural Cure but don't mean the same literally. I believe that being Nature's child i get treated by her and till date, She has never let me down. But when it comes to the subject of beauty, i am searching for Her to get some solutions, or answers at the least.

     It may be well concluded that i give a lot of importance on external show, which, i should say, is only the half truth.
     Inner beauty comes first. And i know that mine is pure. Character can never be under question. Moreover, we just need a sense of goodness and love for self and world and Life looks after everything else, presenting us with varying colors and scenes and let us act and react accordingly and enhancing our character consequently.

     But beauty?? It is what we are and what is given to us, for once and ever. Whatever we do to enhance, it wouldn't be a natural process. Just a full-time consciousness and concern about skin and it's characteristics.

     And what i am asking for, is not the captivating looks that could get through a beauty contest. I want the natural sense of beauty, the feel-good sense on being within my own coat and the ease of looking true.
     The skin-deep beauty that i am wishing for, will not help in attracting people but helps me to fly high freely, with hands spread wide and taking in the energetic and electrifying elements of the atmosphere. It would rather make me less concerned about my appearance since i could feel the goodness of it inside me.
     It is not exactly the external beauty, but rather the external beauty which you could feel from your inside.
     I am just wishing for that good-feel which i wanna feel about my own appearance myself. I am even ready to lose few points of good-looks to gain the natural purity.

     I never really care about others' comments or views of me. I can be called as someone who thinks too much about myself, but i believe that unless we have a good self-opinion we just can't have a real good-feel for others. 

     Feeling Good about self, And reaching out to the inner galaxy through the outer screen of being.



Ally said...

That was a beautiful heart warming post - regardless I think you are beautiful Inside and outside.


vini said...

Thanks a lot.. :-)
Makes me feel good hearing you say so..


Jean! said...

I feel this way at times. I feel so ugly and unworthy of anyones love. Know that you are a beautiful person inside and out. By the way I was reading through your blog. you have great posts. Keep it up.
I love your blog template also. It is sleek and inviting. Check out my blog if you want.

Comments and FOLLOWING my blog would be greatly appreciated. =D

I have followed your AMAZING blog as well. :D

vini said...

We gotta love ourselves first even if none appreciate us. :-) Love and be loved..
And thanks for dropping in here..
Will sure check out yours.


Anonymous said...

Hi vini:

I just read the comment you left for me on my blog and so I hopped over to you. I must admit, it is as if I was meant to come to your page today. This is an issue that I have grappling with so much lately. This idea of inner and outer beauty. "The ease of looking true," that single phrase caught me and basically milked the tears out of me. That is something I greatly want and greatly need.

Thank you for writing this love.

Stay beautiful.


Hannah Katy

vini said...

Hey Hannah,

I should say i feel so honoured to see you here..
And your lovely appreciation is enough to keep me going in the path of dream-love-and-live..
Your visit is a great birthday gift for me..
Thanks a lot.. :-)