June 10, 2010


Well, it was a dark cloudy day and i was doing nothing except looking the outside weather.. i have seriously no clue what lead me to this so-called theoretical-cum-philosophical post, but when i write my thoughts flow through the pen. So here is the post.

Generally, there comes a transition within oneself in every 4-5years in life. If we have the passion to live and to live a healthy positive life, we would be walking in the right track and in the right direction that leads to Perfection.

In addition to the values and ideals passed onto us by our ancestors, we acquire the proper and still more enhanced knowledge of surviving and living in this world at the present hour.

Our fathers and forefathers might have been the best persons with innumerable experiences and wide knowledge in their respective times. But, Nature works in a way that is aimed towards excellence and perfection, hence the human race keeps striving to be better than the previous generation.

This, though always but in no sense, can be termed as Generation gap.

This, exactly, is the pattern of evolution.

As simple as it had been contrived, it was not really a sequential discrete evolution of Man from monkey. It was a progressive continuous evolution in which the best and the powerful features that survived the best and the worst times of a particular time period went onto the next phase comprising of altogether a different set of scenarios which would test, train, mould and enhance the best elements of the previous set and qualify to the next consecutive phase.

And since the evolution of human race, there has been a continuous enhancement by which the best traits flow through the generations, which is practically possible if and only if the flow-line remains undeterred and undisturbed and also the nodes ( the persons of that particular generation) are well-conscious of their roles and purposes of life..

Thus, it can very well be said that, Nature sees to the evolution of better qualities and values, Just as Science sees to the evolution of better features and species..

Will soon come up with more theories and relations.. :)

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