December 3, 2008

quotes and proverbs about friendship have been written, scripted and framed,and are being cherished through times. but this act seems never-ending and every individual have their own thoughts and views about friendship which they cherish throughout their life..

this is mainly because of the influence it has in one's life and its power to add meaning and purpose to life..

now-a-days the act of categorizing friends, as best, good, close, special, hi-bye, etc. till boyfriend/girlfriend(this i dont understand the presence of the word 'friend' cos it is supposed to mean something different i guess), is common and each has its own characteristics..

this is not anything to be wronged about but..
i think(my view) that sometimes few tend to rule out the basic and simple,yet the important and actual, meaning of friendship when the views of their most-prioritized friendship gets deeper.. and sometimes many tend to forget the main purpose of friendship in their process of setting an example out of it, which is actually unnecessary..

well, i really cant think of any real-time examples of friendship but there is one which many know(which might be fictional or spiritual) which is the friendship between lord krishna and the devotee kuselan.. and the underlying factor of their friendship is the simple faith they had on each other..

and that's what friendship exactly means (to me), trusting each other and accepting them for what they are..

there are certain "mostly-forgotten" factors like, giving space for thoughts and views rather than influencing acts and decisions, sharing and respecting privacy at the same time rather than expecting everything to be shared, really understanding them rather than speaking dialogues,etc..
and things like expectations, possessiveness, doubts,etc dont account for the tag "evergreen-friendship-forever", though it might add to closeness it normally results in coldness and misunderstandings..

the feel of deep and intense friendship is really great and adding unnecessary complexities dosnt go well with the rhythm of friendship..

p.s. the above views are mine..and will ofcourse contradict with many.. just reading and knowing my thought is need to accept or oppose..
and also..preserve the uniqueness of friendship.. friendship rocks!! :)

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