December 14, 2008


there are times when someone gets hurt because of the carelessness and mistake of someone else..

well this little shock happened to me yesterday (i.e. at 4pm of 13-12-08)when i was sitting in my college bus and waiting for the bus to start from college..i peeped my head outside through the window to see if there are any of my friends nearby to talk to..since i did not see any familiar face.. i planned to sit properly and listen music.. and when i was withdrawing myself from the window gap, the girl who was sitting infront of me opened her side window, closing mine..and she didnt notice me having my head outside..

well easy to picturize the moment rite?? thank goodness, i had my hands on it that the window got blocked..and i escaped with a scratch on the side of my hand and a light hit on the side of my head..

i didnt make it a big issue.. as always..the other said sorry and i smiled and told her to be cautious next time.. cant expect the others to be careful and caring on you all the time..

and anyways..even if that girl is not careful while opening the window next time, i am gonna be.. i just dont wanna scare the hell outta anyone.. that particular moment-fear keeps ringing and vibrating inside the head for some minutes..


My Memories _|_ said...

dat gal :O

she is still alive too :O :O

strange :O :O :O

vini said...

ha ha.. u think i wud blast her huh.. ?? :D