December 27, 2008


it happens everytime

and only to me..

no wonder why i need no mask,

when the real face is one. .

am no fake..

yet reality is latent..

i get pushed and pulled;

kicked and thrown..

but everytime the play ends,

i dont lose

yet i seem to be lost..

searching for the missing me

being in heavy shoes;

i keep walking

in an unknown track..

i see progress,

when i am dragging myself in my path..

i see laughs and joy,

but when i try, i find the back-end broken..

people call me sleepyhead,

and i dont deny..

cos' when the whole world is sleeping,

i can see myself,

the real "me" living..

nevertheless.. i keep walking,

with no more than two entities,

the living dreams and the dead reality..

only to find myself facing a dead-end..

i shout from the depth of my heart,

for some light and support..

but i could see,

neither my source nor my vector..

and the only ears to receive me,

are those of mine..

i turn back and start walking..

cos' the end of my journey,

is not the end of my road,

but that of hope..

and i keep walking,

unfocussed and uncanny..

disturbed yet determined..

indifferent but not inhuman..

cos' i can never be judged by material minds and ambitious hearts..

i keep walking. . . . . .

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My Memories _|_ said...

dats awesome vini....... :)

u write so well unlike me :P