December 18, 2008


In the journey of life, we get to know about countless number of people, persons with different faces,minds and ways..

and..we share moments and memories, smiles and hi5's, friendship and feelings, etc. with those whom we like..

but there are people whom we find bad.. and i think it is better to keep away from them.. even if they keep interferring in our ways, instead of criticising them outwardly,it is a lot better to ignore their ways.

cos' if there is a problem with someone's attitude and thoughts, the best to do is to be with the ones whose attitudes are likeable enough rather than forcing them to change or criticising them in public.. and this is what we expect from others actually..
also.. maintaining self-discipline is more important than working on a second-person's ways..

well..this writing is just the effect of a "cold" talk which i witnessed among some people today.. :)


My Memories _|_ said...

n who r those /:)

Peter said...

Hey thanks for posting on my blog, and I agree with your sentiments here! Well thought out.

vini said...

thank u..:)