December 14, 2008

seems crazzy! !

sometimes, it is difficult to control laughter when watching or hearing something funny and comical, even when one is in bad mood or in some kind of serious situation.. well i cant..
i was in a not-so-good mood for the past few days and my health is not upto the mark due to commencement of college which increases the need for good relaxation and sleep..and i was waiting for this weekend so badly,with plans of good sleep and that i could be up for the next week..
but yesterday, my "relaxing" plan got busted when my mom told that i would be leaving to my native by sunday night and return home by tuesday morning(6-hour journey).. and also i have to attend a house-warming function on sunday morning.. adding to my health problems, travel fatigue and a no-break week.. i was so damn irritated.. :x :x
today morning, after attending the function, when we were on our way back home (didnt talk or laugh much and was in a bad temper, should say not-so-good temper as i was able to smile on seeing my cousins) when the auto stopped at a traffic signal, a cow walking on the road-side grazed past a man standing at a bus-stop and the man,without realizing that it was a buffalo,turned back and said "sorry".. was damn funny and few people who witnessed that,including that man, laughed..and i,who was maintaining a sulky look, burst out laughing..which made the auto-man wonder whether it was the hot sun that made me go nuts or something else (my family is used to my sudden and unreasonable laughter as i see many things crazy and funny which others might find indifferent)and he later enquired my mom about my laugh..
that's it.. not sure whether it was the "funniest moment" or the "funniest me".. :)
whatever it is,it helped.. wonder where my bad temper go.. :D :P

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My Memories _|_ said...

it ws funny u :P :P

the man ws sensible :)) =))