October 31, 2008

issue "ZERO"!!

recently i read an article about an issue, the most desired and envied and the most talked about one, in the world of beauty,especially in the modelling world - size zero.
after a lengthy process of dieting (a word given for poor food habits) the physique with the proper height and features of a 20year old girl becomes similar to that of a 10year old.. :O
and attaining the size is not the ultimate goal.. maintaining it as long as they walk in that world as a successful professional is of ultimate importance.
the diet includes - those we hae usually during hangouts and as part-time snacks - coke and pizza in the morning, a glass of apple juice in the noon and a light dinner..which brings about fame and money anyone could imagine of,along with some guaranteed health risks anyone would run away hearin them..
now..some of the health problems include anaemia, nervous breakdown, mental weakness.. the main being a disorder called anoerexia - the complete drain of nutrients and energy and certain fears like putting weight and taking food even when hungry.. and worst cases leading to sudden death..
most of the countries like UK and US have banned this "size zero" modelling.. and all the health organizations of the world against this issue.. but the craze of being the centre of spotlight is never satisfactory even if blessed with the finest beauty..
there is always a great different between being weak and sleek and being fit and fine..
well.. many dont seem to realize the power and worth of living a life with healthy mind and body.. and admiration and appreciation can be experienced wholly only when we feel ourselves being fit and healthy, by body and mind..which is when we start loving our life and live and feel the worth of each moment of life.. :)

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