January 2, 2009


In this material world,

as the search for worthless treasures continue..

in the middle of all stress and strains,

the smallest of joys go unnoticed..

Less maybe the real time we spent together,

rare maybe the marks that had our name..

and the more we get to know each other,

the more clear is the fact of us being not the same..

The bond may not be intense..

the presence may not be felt..

But all the above keys fade off,

once i am reminded of the moments you were there..

I may not say that you make me win,

but you always see to it that i dont lose..

You never do preach or counsel..

but my learning process never seem to end..

neither formal nor too informal,

you still make a great friend..

I wont count on destiny,

and worst things do happen

that might drift us far apart..

False promises die,

but true memories do live..

After years when i turn back,

i can never fail to notice,

not the milestones i crossed,

but the moments you made..

As we consider mutually,

"thank you" being a formal word..

this is for you especially,

a simple ode to a priceless friend..

this is dedicated to a special friend of mine who makes the slightest difference to this mundane life..

To u, "spikey"[the southpark fan:)],who teaches the reality from the virtual world.. :)

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