May 27, 2012


I do hear your booming voice. Yes, YOU! 
You keep going on and on, that I'm just unable to concentrate. Yet, you seem to be immune to my criticisms.
You sit there with legs crossed and a commanding authority of a dictator, and once I seem to have a slight doubt on my own belief, which you get to know as always, you make your entry then and change my mind over.

You have influenced me so much, all with inferences of my broken bonds with people, many who would have earned my respect and vice versa. Had it not been for you, I need not feel the guilt while meetimg their eyes. And to think that I have been approaching you with a respect for opinions, listening patiently to all of your incessant preaching, should add "baseless".

I am not denying that you have been right few times, but then it is high time.
Even now, you are very well aware of my cold stare for you whenever you walk-talk alongside, and further i have shown a cold shoulder and have shut the door right on your face, you don't seem to exhibit any feelings of remorse nor have turned a new leaf. I could still hear your constant saintly dominating opinions.

But all the same, do realize that I have tuned my heart to stay deaf to your noise. So it is in my best of "thoughts" to ask you to Shut Up! before you lose your voice. And try to get some patience and humility, will do you some good.

After all, It is you who taught me nobody could be perfect, My dear Judge-mental mind.


Mani Kumar said...

Very introspective. Your writing reflects a lot of pain and despair. Following your blog. Am gonna wait for more updates from you.
Visit my blog some time. You might like it. Keep writing. :)

Vinithra. said...

Thanks.. :-)

Will sure check out yours.