September 18, 2010


     A few days back, i was G-chatting with this new e-friend of mine. 
     She said that i have a cute name, to which i made a partial-modest reply. Yes, Partial-modest. 
I don't think i am modest but then, i have been hearing a lot of stop-being-modest comments lately that i am consciously trying to keep off the modest part, and ultimately ending up giving a partial-diplomatic, partial-humble and partial-funny reply. Anyways, that's not the subject. 
     I replied her, "My name sounds cute alright, but that's just my nicky" and told her my complete proper name, Vinithra.
     She was like, Ohhhh...(A long thoughtful one) Nice name (after a long thought, but not fully satisfied with the word 'nice'). Mmmm, Different actually (Finally, coming to a conclusion). 
     But she seemed to start liking my name. (God Promise, i didn't publicize or colorize the font) 
     She said in a dreamy tone, "Wish i had that name. There are two margarets in my class itself. Not an issue but it would be nice to stand up uniquely to your name call". I just told her that names don't make a big difference and that she has a sweet name and that i was glad that she liked my name.

     Uh.. Oh. Wait a minute. Did i say that names don't matter much? 

     There have been many times where i picture myself with different names, Countless wishes of having a different name. But i don't mind sharing my name with someone, who knows, We might be sharing some common interests too and we might become great friends through our same-name-factor.

     Mine is not a totally common name. Just that you don't get to hear much, And obviously totally new to English people.
     There are few things that hold me back from falling in love with my name. 
A big con. BIG CON. It starts with V.
(I could sense your angry look).

     Well, As a school-going kid. I wished badly and daily to have a name that starts with A, So that i get to stand as the first person in a queue while going on local trips to museum and library, the first name in attendance and get called first everytime, the first name for the teachers and students to remember through everyday attendance-calls, first to take the first post as class monitor, or first to take up some responsibility on first day of school, or to get to sit on the first bench, or. . . 
Yeah, the usual school kid's thrills. 
     The A-wish went on for a while, till my high-schooling i suppose.
     But Name-wish continued.

     My name is actually one of the many names of Goddess Saraswati, Indian God of Knowledge. Kinda proud of that. Ignoring that, well there are names which makes people to say wow-sweet-name genuinely, without the courtesy-force of passing the same compliment.
There are names that sound powerful and cool and enticing, and names that are lovable and cute. 

     Sometime back, i remember that i was wishing for a name, the person being cute and loved by all her friends, And who attracted the attention of someone close-to-heart, the small possessiveness factor.

     But when i think about it, And a lot of After-thoughts through years,

     My friends like my name, or rather i think it is because it is mine. I don't think that it would matter much to them even if i had any of the names i wished for, and nothing would have changed much, except for the way they would have nick-named me. 
     Moreover, except for the way i would have felt about my name, no other difference i would have seen.
     Afterall, names that have a meaning, color, tone, flavour or a history behind, not necessarily would add meaning to life. 

     Maybe, when we create history our names would get added to the ELITE list.

     One of my close friends from college said that she found my name different and new when she heard it first, but now the common names that sound like mine seem new to her. L-O-L! 
Only a step difference in taking a liking for you, the instant when your name is said and the moment immediately after that instant. 

     The whole post may sound new to you (Like my name), or something that you heard from someone or felt yourself long back, but sure got my thinking-s. 
     Well, I may or may not be completely convinced, but i kinda like my name, no issues. 
     All the same, the admiration for names continue. . . . 

     Some of the names that made me go WOW! 

     - Pooja, Heera, Henna, Sanjana, Jiah, Sarah, Samantha, Hannah, Ann, Sheena, Joanne, Catherine, . . . . 
And many Shakespearean names like Viola, Ariel, Miranda, Celia, Adriana, Helena,. . . (No, Not Juliet, Never a fan of Tragedy, Especially a romantic tragedy)
And Mythical ones like Ariel, Heidi, Cindrella, Aurora, Marigold,. . . . . . .

     So, Ever felt not-so-fine with your name and wished or got ideas to change it? had any name crushes? Name a name or two that attracted you and got your liking instantly?



priya said...

I appreciate whats written but that tee with the quote is MINE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe

Anonymous said...

vinithRRRRRa...... Sounds great... (i mean the post)

Vijay said...

Did you play a role in naming Devi's baby? If you did,you wud have rocked the boat:D!!!!hehe....!Nice post:)

vini said...

@pri: ya rite. Was given that title, so had to get the help of your tee. :D

@Prasanna: Now you don't have to specify that. I thought of mentioning that but then, didn't come with the flow. :)

@Vijay: Thank you. :-)

YaGirlNextDoor said...

Oh what's in a name. Mine is Karen which Greek meaning is 'pure'..huh go figure. I have always hated my plain name. My sisters have the great name and me and my brother Edgar cursed. Thanks for sharing this story. I too love your name very exotic.

vini said...

Thanks Karen.. And trust me, Karen and Edgar have lovely tunes in them. :-)

LovelyBee said...

I think your name is awesome :) Very exotic!

Trust me as a person with a name that starts with an A- it sucks being first! But we all want what we can't have!

Cool blog by the way :) I'm following you now

vini said...

Exactly, We never see what we have.
Happy that you like it. :-)
And am sure your name is as lovely as your google name. :-)

Missy Ricco said...

I’ve always been somewhat mystified by the feeling that is created when you ring a business and the person who answers has the same name as you. “Hi You. It’s Me speaking.”

vini said...

ha ha. Right. Though it has not happened to me yet, i suppose it would be funny as well as a bit wierd. :-)

Anonymous said...

I didn't like my name growing up mostly because a lot of people make fun of it because of the song "Mama Mia" it really gets annoying when almost every person I meet sings that line every time I say my name is Mia.. or when they see me.. But now, I've accepted it and I kinda like my name. =D


Anonymous said...