September 10, 2010


#1: I was registering myself in just another networking site, same forms and same info.
“Single, OR Engaged, OR Married, OR In-a-relationship, OR It-is-complicated” and without even giving a thought I ticked the box next to “Single”.

#2: I have a tee that has this unquoted quote written on it, “I am not Single, I am just ROMANTICALLY CHALLENGED!”
It may sound as simple as that when filling up forms or getting quoted tee-shirts or tweeting about happy-single-lives, but when it comes to life, even the smallest of the trifles are given life to, and adds a new perspective.  


     Well, This happens to be my second guest post, but first published one. The subject of relationship is something out-of-the-box for me, But the key rule is to deliver what is asked. 

     I may not be a Love guru, But if there is one thing that i know and believe about love is the line in the Google image, 

     See ya soon, with yet another context. .



Tricia said...

I loved featuring you Vini, Hope to feature you again.

Se2 said...

Awesome post VIni...!!!
I would just wanna say...Join the single club..Yet, again...!! :D

Loved it...!!