March 25, 2010


This incident happened when i was studying 2nd std ( i guess), well, in my childhood. . This illustration is neither an history nor some great adventure-cum-experience. . and i have no reasons behind the post, except the way i am feeling right now and the contra-memory behind the feeling. .

Dated one and a half decade back, there was a small elocution competition held in my sweet simple school and the topic given was "if i were the prime minister of India". . And i remember making a clear speech that was written by my aunt. . Though the ideas that i voiced out did not originate from my mind, i did feel important when i did the talk. .

The moment of importance. . The moment of confidence and magnanimity. .

I never gave it an after-thought. . Maybe i would have really become the PM by now if i had.. (just kidding:P). . Well, i just realized that the feeling of importance had been illuminated deep inside my heart for a long time. . I realize it very well now, because i feel that i have lost it recently. . though unsure whether i have lost just the brightness or the entire light. .

Hoping to find an answer soon. .

P.S. : Too many questions, and i feel that life keeps going on in the quest for answers, but we stay indifferent to the answers and be focussed on further questions. . In the end, not the solutions but the search that matters. .

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